NyheterBrexitdemonstrant: No agreement – fantastisktFoto: John cleri’s / TTRuth Fryer live in Canterbury in the south east of England but has still been demonstrating almost every day outside the british parliament in London.Photo: John cleri’s / TT ‘ No deal? No problem!”, think Jeff Blanning, who is one of a hundred brexitdemonstranter outside the british parliament in London.NEWS

“Stop brexitröran!”

“Leave means leave!”

no matter what the waiting as witness the placards and protests outside the houses of parliament in London about the deep british brexitsplittringen.

Ruth Fryer keeps in a large EU flag which does not really allow themselves to be swayed in the wind. Out of her hat sticking it up a small “Union Jack” – the british flag. Among the many messages that are printed on her clothes and placards are the one that sums up her view in this context: “Stop brexit.”

– I have come here the right so regularly. Almost all days the last few months, ” says Ruth Fryer, who lives in Canterbury, kent in the south east of England.

She is one of about a hundred protesters gathered outside the parliament building in Westminster, in central London. Almost all looks to have passed the 50 mark, and just as at the referendum on the brexit for more than two years ago, both sides are about the same manstarka.

Apart from one and other gapig man is it quiet. But the crack is clear.

– It is sad and tragic that we’re in this situation, ” says Ruth Fryer.

Feel hope

– It will be so damaging to the Uk, it is one of the most ridiculous things that have happened. It is ridiculous that I have to be here.

he rejoices, however, by the news from Brussels that Britain is in the EU’s eyes have the right to change their minds about brexit.

” We feel hope now, that we can only change us.

She is interrupted by a man who yells “brexit!”, and then says that the politicians will not change their minds.

– It would be the simplest, easiest, and happiest end. But since it’s not so likely so we hope to win a referendum on themselves utträdesavtalet, ” says Ruth Fryer, although no such vote has been promised.

A short distance away is Jeff Blanning with a sign over his head: “No contract? No problem!” He looks suspiciously at the TT’s envoy and ask to see a presslegitimation before he answers a few questions.

Then he explains that he is not the least worried about a hard brexit without agreements with the EU.

– Not at all. It would be amazing, ” says Jeff Blanning,

“No talk”

For him everything related to the brexit now boiled down to a matter of principles: Leave the EU side won the referendum – why should the Uk leave the EU.

– I had been here even if I voted to stay in the EU, ” he says and aims at the demonstration which requires that the brexit.

If it is done with or without a contract is not important anymore, like Jeff Blanning, who say it will work out for the brits anyway. He is sure that the prime minister, Theresa Mays draft contract will be voted down in parliament if it is presented in its current form, which he welcomes.

– the Government will lose. No doubt about it.

However, he is not as confident that the proposal will actually be submitted in its current form.

– what I want and What I think will happen are two different things.