Despite the chaos and confusion carried the vote on Tuesday on the brexit plan, which prime minister Theresa May has agreed with the EU.

It says the uk’s minister for brexit negotiations, Stephen Barclay, to the BBC.

– the Vote is on Tuesday, he says.

the prime minister is fighting for us and will continue on the post.

even if she were to lose the vote, he lets the understand.

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All signs point in the direction of, that May lose the vote with a bang.

Many members of her own Conservative Party, the northern ireland contacts DUP and the opposition Labour party will vote against the Kaçak İddaa agreement on a soft divorce from the EU.

the Uk leaving the EU 29. march 2019.

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The british minister of state for brexit Kwasi Kwarteng has, however, not lost hope to win the vote.

– As I understand it, then there will be voted on Tuesday, and we look forward to winning the vote, he says to Sky News.

Mays agreement with the EU means, among other things, that the Uk remains in the EU customs union, until there is an event, which prevents the emergence of a regular customs border between Ireland and northern Ireland.

It also contains a transitional period of almost two years, which gives longer time to agree the new relationship between the EU and the Uk.

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