For Vejle Allan Sousa should never have had the free kick that gave føringsmålet, and Brøndbys Kamil Wilczek should never have been on the pitch when he equalised shortly into the second half. But let’s just make it clear that referee Peter Kjærsgaard does not come to commemorate the late søndagskamp with pride.

Already after ten minutes found the dramatic peak with Allan Sousa place. In a dogfight with Anthony Jung threw Vejle-ace outside there was a lot of contact. Peter Kjaersgaard whistled, however, the free kick just outside of Brøndbys field. Allan Sousa asked, even up to complete its wicked thing against you.

It did the attacker to turn on the most beautiful show, as the brazilian powerfully curled the ball into the underside of the crossbar, further down into the ground and up in the cracks. A true frisparksperle.

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to make matters worse the cut off Allan Sousa his return in celebration, turned around, and shouted down towards the Brøndbys fans. Illegal? Naaa. Provocative? Certainly. Allan Sousa, moreover, was not finished pushing the fair play award. After half an hour he threw away suddenly in the middle of the field.

the Excuse was, that he had slain in a duel with Benedikt Röcker, a minute of money in advance. In the situation, Sousa, however, flying up, because he has not got the free-kick. So it looked like more, to Vejle, denmark, the players had no need for a blow from the Brøndby-pressure.

Not that the home team was blown out of Betnano the court. Not at all. It was a completely straight matches, which was very fast-paced, intense and hard game. No, Vejle, denmark has excelled in earlier this season. In spite of the entertaining slagudveksling on grønsværen, we were not witnesses to something chancehav in Vejle. However, there was plenty else to look at.

Among other things, Kamil Wilczeks attempt to get Allan Sousa to look like ‘the end?’ with his action shortly before the break. The Polish målræv found the last page in the unodesbogen forward and jumped with full force and deliberately into Kemir Memijas jaw with the elbow to the front. It was ugly to look at, but the Brøndby striker slap quite incomprehensible with a warning.

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It could Mcdonalds camp praise themselves happy for a couple of minutes into the second half, when Kamil Wilczek showed up and sliced the reversal in the checkout for guests after a Hany Mukhtar-free kick passed all the way through the field. Thus there were two ‘criminals’ on the measured breeding.

Alexander Zorniger wagered in addition, the Danish in the break, when he threw Mikael Uhre in place of Besar Halimi, who made a flurry of bad decisions in the first act. Although Uhre is not ‘raised’ in the Masterclass, so he made a good figure for the players, who have a rødbedefarvet passport.

After a little time he put the last touch on Brøndbys føringsmål, otherwise neat, was launched by fellow countryman Lasse Vigen. He found Johan Larsson, millimeter-precise smaskede the leather right into the sight of a raging Uhre.

So had the Vejle again thrown a lead against ‘one of the great’, as in the past have made the same stunt at home against both FCM and FCK. Thus oprykkerne still caught up in the super League-bottom with Vendsyssel and Hobro.

In addition, it was in the heat of overtime determined that Allan Sousa does NOT win the ‘the end?’. Here he got a warning for movies in the penalty area and, since a red card, when he complaining, Peter Kjaersgaard whistled for time. The order hit the referee right in the ass.

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