Castle party guests above were once again marvel at the domestic fashion best expertise.Milja Haaksluoto and Vesa Silver estimate for this year’s Castle party to succeed.

the Castle party was seen this year in the sculptural cuts, spectacular colors and festive sparkle. This highlights the evening show styles!

Singer Anna wood’s unique style stood out to your party guests among them by far. Teemu wall hill, designed by creation originated stylist: Vesa Silver and Give ideas. The corset-like armor is a new kind of idea, and beautiful as the jewelry! Actor Jasper Pääkkönen avec Alexandra Escat chose to celebrate Mert Otsamon to look like a sequin dress. Noble and beautiful ensemble include, as expected, the evening kuvatuimpia. We love also the stunning evening bag! Also the actress Pihla Viitala trusted Mert Otsamon knowledge. Beautiful deep green sequin suit star great. Spouse Alexander Schimpf represented the new men formal style to the Sand in a green velvet tux. Viitala bag has Notches surplus leather made bags. News anchor Piia Pasanen delighted Teemu wall of the hill to look like in a pink evening dress Betxlarge in. Katri Niskanen evening gowns was seen again ten Castles to visit. Editor Anna Butterfly white creation was among the most memorable. The back of the open gown exudes Hollywood glamour and 1980s the spirit. Hero diver Mikko Paasi spouse Krista Paasi represented the Mirkka metsola’s stunning in silk ‘ and the Notches appear acceptable earrings. Orange color stands out from the mass, and narrow, the back of the open cut looks particularly stylish. Jenni Gastgivarilkka sanedustaja Jaana Pelkonen as always the castle of the most anticipated the most wear, and her sense of style betrayed now. Ossi Ahola / the morning journal also Elina Kiikko know how to dress always great. Green and a cape-like creation was an elegant choice. Mp Sanna Marin represented the stylish bridal suit. The simple, elegant costumes for use also in the Castle represents the exemplary theme in accordance with a recycling mentality. Riikka Pakarinen sparkly evening dress was Katri Niskanen design. Mp Sofia Vikman silvery party style was Anne-Mari pahkala’s handwriting. Youth Alliance chairman Elisa gebhard’s suit message against violence against women. Spectacular creation was Anne-Mari pahkala’s handwriting. Singer Mariskan satin gown delighted understated elegance. Also, this suit was Mert Otsamon creation.