and He is well-known from the ‘Lowlands’, and has been a guest of the Swedish TV4-show ”Mandelmanns” – but for now, the florist, Karl Gustafsson, a program of the channel. On Monday night, has Charles Frederick, in the Österlen region,” premiered on TV4 in sweden and on the morning of the visit he and his friends in the ”Life” of the link, dressed in a robe.

” carl-fredrick, so I’m a florist, and a gardener. I am a fun-loving and enjoys life to the fullest. You will be able to come with us back home, me and my partner Pete, and our animals here on the farm, and he describes his upcoming shows.
the Change at the farm
Currently, the farm has been renovated from top to bottom, and He may enjoy a swim in the spa pool every morning, but this was not the case from the beginning of the year. When he and a friend Pete first purchased the farm, where it is about to collapse, and there is nothing they are planning to stay in full-time employment.

” the region of Österlen is fantastic, and we had some good friends who told me that if you are going out into the countryside outside Malmö in southern sweden, and then we found this place. There would be lots, and vacation home, but there was this pretty big yard, ” says Karl-Fredrik Gustavsson in ”Life”.

< Mandelmanns words of wisdom
the Florist is a friend of the couple Mandelmann, who is also a popular TV4-sections of your own yard. Ahead of the premiere features of Karl Fredrik Gustafsson has received tips from more experienced friends.

– Marie and Dirk, it is a friends of ours, and they are absolutely amazing, which we already know. Friends, it gives you a little bit of a hint. However, you can’t do anything other than be himself, ” says Karl-Fredrik Gustavsson in ”Life”.

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