After irregularities in the löwenbräu tent and a Payment of 100 000 Euro politicians had called for, to control other Oktoberfest-sized enterprises. The competent business unit, sees no reason for this. the Franz Kotteder

The city has, to date, no other tents in the Meadow because of her information on the sales check lease, even though a sample had revealed significant errors in the payroll in the löwenbräu tent. The hosts Wiggerl Hagn and Stephanie Spendler had reported their sales seems to be two million euros lower than it actually was. In order for a Payment in the amount of approximately EUR 100 000 was due. After the had become known for two and a half months during the Oktoberfest, and had asked several city politicians, including the details of the 15 other great innkeepers. However, this is not happening today, as the SZ learned on request from the competent Department of labor and economic.

Since 2017 to the innkeepers for their tents, not a fixed fee for more pay, but a lease, which is based on the sales you make with their tents. The lease was introduced to the sharply increased security costs, Mr. Especially the additional control staff and a new loudspeaker system has caused a deficit of 9.3 million Euro, had to get the city in. So the city Council decided on a levy to 5.1 percent of sales, per tent. This has now been increased to 7.8 per cent for the 16 large tents, and to 6.1 percent for the 21 small tents and serving booths, because they brought in the first year, too little revenue. What was probably due to the fact that the löwenbräu had discovered the tent to a little revenue.

No control of the innkeepers

so you have to power populists large

The city of the revenue of the lease in October to check the tents. A fatal impression is not that you look like this exactly, when it comes to big earner. Comment by Franz Kotteder

that was only Noticed when the city had the sales figures from an Adiosbet independent auditor against check. The made samples at three different Establishments: in the case of a white beer-carousel, which is officially the fairground operation, in a small tent in the Meadow and in the case of a large. By means of a draw it hit the tent of the Lowenbrau. The host Wiggerl Hagn – he celebrates this Monday the 79. Birthday – had made the settlement with a tax consultant and well-run items, such as the operation of not listed money, and the free beer in the brewery, because he deserves it. Hagn says he has already received in February, self-doubt and the city signed in, whether I have everything correct.

That this was not the case, arrived on the 26. September, during Oktoberfest, to light. Since the excitement was great in city politics, the left and the right. Lord mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD), said that sales look lease the information from the other tents. The former Oktoberfest-city councillor Helmut Schmid (SPD), as well as his successor, Manuel Pretzl (CSU), which will lead to further tests in the other big tents.

and It happened: nothing. Spokesman Wolfgang Nickl from the Department of labor and economic referred to a Statement made by the former Second mayor and Director Josef Schmid (CSU). Is now member of the state Parliament and had said after the discovery of the false sales figures in the löwenbräu tent: “Due to the previous tests, there are heuer and no further Checks of other establishments than the ones already made samples.” On demand Nickl explains: “The sentence of Josef Schmid, translated, means that the Department of labor and industry after the successful examination has been seen by the auditor, no additional reason for more intensive tests.” The auditors have received the samples, no further testing. The decision was taken “after a careful plausibility check of all submitted sales reports”.