A decision of the party tags fabric provides for a new coalition armed: The CDU wants to. DUH, money, which had spread to several Diesel-driving bans only Reaction of the SPD-Ministry of the environment: you Can not decide, we do.

The CDU had decided at its party Congress in Hamburg that the charitable status of the German environment to be checked the help (DUH). In addition, the Christian Democrats want to work to ensure that the Association receives no funds from the Federal budget.

in Charge of the CDU, however, is neither for the one nor for the other. The recognition of charitable status is a matter for the financial offices, which take their decision on the basis of the applicable Law. And grants the one who pays you, and in this case, the CDU decides.

“We will be led Granted, as always, funding grant”

for example, by the Federal environment Ministry and the SPD. Accordingly, the response was: “The CDU can be called for, but nothing Megabahis in the way forward,” said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of environment, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. The Ministry does not want to leave the promotion of DUH: “We will look at as always, the funding is project based and as in the past, grant.”