Whether a man supposedly difficult to buy a gift? Not anymore.Dressmann’s store manager Matias Jumbo, Tommi Kouvola and Riku Eagle will present a christmas favorite gifts for men. You live Dressmann, shoes and bags with a description of the props.

Two typical suede will make the easiest christmas shopping frenzy in: the package will choose something so pointless, that it has no use, or which year of socks and underwear, which are so impersonal, that he wouldn’t even remember where they are in her locker ended up.

Dressmann, store manager Matias , Richie and Tommi know what men really want as a gift. Now they reveal it to you.

Riitta heiskanen jeans

This would be a really nice present for a man, though maybe not as soon as the first mind.

– Nevada-the jeans are the most popular denim our model and one of the best-selling of our products. Model is a regular fit, meaning it is not wide, but not quite narrow away, that’s why it is so many people’s minds, tell the store manager Matias Dressmann Jumbo.

– Colors and wash is really a lot, so your favorite find for sure.


Jeans purchase of another should not make problems. Enough, when you know the gift recipient’s waist size in inches. With it, you can visit the kurkkaamasta of old jeans.

– Leg dimensions we can estimate the motion, if you know the gift recipient’s height.

– also, you Can stealthily grab the gift recipient’s jeans, according to the shopping bag, so we can do a comparative study and choose the suitable model and size, Mattis said.

purchase decision easier, that Dress the group’s six-month return and exchange policy. The product with the price tag still can recover the receipt against any of his of the store.

LEISURE collar shirts starting FROM 19,95 E.

casual shirts

Every man needs a shirt on.

– the Plaid flannel shirt is a long-time favorite and right now also fashionable. A trendy option is also a velvet shirt that is super comfortable on. In addition, we can find denim shirts, Oxford cotton shirts, and anyway a truly versatile collection patterns, tell the store manager Riku Eagle dress mannista.

the Shirt buying as a gift is easy, just look in the shirt size to some man’s old shirt.

COTTON STRETCH dress shirt 49,95 E.

collar shirt

This will be the man of office, iltameno and party use.

– Cotton Stretch collection of shirts are most popular dress shirt. The shirt is elegantly tapered slim fit -model, which actually sits a good-looking site and it is still not too narrow. The material is satin cotton, which is soft to Maksibet the touch. Stretch ensures that the shirt is easy to move, Riku told me.

Shirt size to evaluate from an old shirt. Neck circumference is an important measure. After that, get directly to nice to share, i.e. to choose the gift recipient for a suitable pattern.

– here you will find such classic colors as trends color and all possible shades in between. And, of course, a variety of prints, which are particularly trendy right now.

merino wool sweater

This is a classic christmas gift, where you can’t go wrong.

the merino wool feels comfortable on the skin and it is however so thin that it breathes and is not too hot either after the winter. For the same reason it works really well also the blazer below.

– most Popular basic colors are black, gray and dark blue. In addition, we also found a seasonal trend colors, such as shades of green. Fashionable brown and beige shades are really sought after right now, let the store manager Tommi Dressmann Kouvola.

Knitting buying a gift is really easy, it is enough, when you know the man sizes S, M, L, etc. scale. The size is ample.

merino wool SWEATER 49,95 E.

pajama pants

the home of pants – and yöasukäyttöön intended pajama pants are a more personal gift than boxers.

– flannel pants have replaced some boxers as a gift. They are just as easy to buy, it is enough when you know the panty size. The size is also very easy to estimate visually, tell Dressmann Jumbo store manager Matias.

He also recommends that the pajama pants yläosaksi choice of t-shirt, which is a more modern version of the pyjamas.

the Collection you will also find Fair Trade cotton t-shirts.

pajama pants 19,95 E. BASIC T-SHIRT, FAIR TRADE COTTON 9,95 E. the GOWNS FROM the of 29.95 E.


This is a really easy gift to buy. If you don’t know the man’s clothing size, the size can be evaluated even visually.

– Buy prefer bigger, if you hesitate between two sizes, advise Matias.

– robe of the home and finding a residence suitable for a fleece bathrobe or traditional bath or shower after working froteinen gowns.


Warm little gifts

If you want to buy something small, buy leather gloves, hat or scarf, but choose the gift so that it adds to the elegance of a man suit.

– leather gloves are always a sure choice and a men’s favorite. Black is the most popular, but currently also brown gloves, going still more. Visual assessment of size or even if your own hand comparison is enough, says Matias.

knitted Hat and scarf to purchase is worth thinking about what kind of jacket of man has, and match accessories man style.

We found some cool solid color beanies that work wool coat. Or plaits or crocheted beanies and other models relaxed the most coats. And sometimes cool wool jacket style can also break the relaxed pipolla, Mathias winked.

– scarf from our selection to find something for everyone: a little more classic, restrained, woollen scarves, different colors, squares and other patterns. Gift giving can even think about that scarf suit color as many as possible of the man’s coat.