On Monday, the Christmas markets open in most German cities. Some Christmas markets are early, and some even up to two weeks prior to the first Advent. Especially the churches criticize. the

In most German cities, open the Christmas markets until after remembrance Sunday, this year, so after the 25. November. So it goes on Monday (26. November), for example, in Frankfurt, Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg, Bielefeld, Lübeck, or the Cologne Cathedral los. Finally, at least from the point of view of Christmas mark-Fans, again, Glühwein, Feuerzangenbowle, and Chimney. In some cities, the Christmas market-free time is since this Thursday is over. In Freiburg, Bochum and Dortmund Christmas markets open. Even earlier it went elsewhere in the Ruhr area. A whopping two weeks before the first Advent stalls in the food lure, already since the 16th century. November.

The Christmas market forcing, but not all positive. Criticism comes mainly from the churches. Ulrich Lota, press speaker of the diocese of Essen, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur: “We do not want to be the Casinovale spoilsport, calling all of the years back to the early Christmas markets.” The markets today are mainly a marketing tool to entice people into the City. “For us, as believers in Christ, it is not important at all to the market, forcing up the fact that Christmas is some kind of cultural lighting ceremony at the end of the year, but the Feast of the birth of Jesus.” Everything had its time, Lota, and life was not 365 days of the year Party.

“Everything has its time,” says Andreas Duderstedt, press spokesman of the Evangelical Church of Westphalia. “The anticipation of the special, the returns on a regular basis, the difference between the everyday and celebration, work and relaxation, joyful celebrations and quiet remembrance – this is beneficial for all.” And Duderstedt: “If the advent time is always extended more, it loses the special. You is commonplace.”

Also in Bavaria, there is an early start at the end of the Christmas markets. 18. October, the Bayreuth winter village opened its doors and Flaps. At the time, it was called pride, though apparently not quite facts, it was once again the first Christmas meeting “in Germany and certainly in Europe.” Until new year’s eve visitors can try various mulled wine and Punch recipes – or a juice spritzer. At the opening last weekend, prevailed in large Parts of the Swiss franc, temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius.