“Daniel Sjölin said up to be on paternity leave from SVT”

“the Last ”Babylon”-the host of the show: ”SVT oseriösare than shell companies in Malta””

“Daniel Sjölin closes up behind Lina Thomsgårds criticism of the SVT.”

“According to the last ”Babylon”-the host of the show pressed the tv company also him to not take maternity leave.”

“today, we have a whole generation of people who lived all their professional lives in these premises and now there are several of us who begin to speak up,” he says.”

“”The” former presenter Daniel Sjölin support the last ”Cobra”profile Lina Thomsgård in his criticism of the SVT.”

“At the end of last week, Thomsgård how SVT had made her choose between the job as a presenter or be on parental leave.”

“Now type Sjölin in a text on the Expressen Culture that he experienced the same thing:”

“”Intimidation is ancient SVT, and the bottoms of their inveterate organisationsnarcissism: a blind infiniteness in the behavior toward foreign workers.””

“According to Daniel Sjölin, programledde ”Babylon” for seven years, he was manipulated to refrain from two parental. He writes in his text on the Expressen Culture to the SVT sounded to imply that the program would be able to be put down if he chose to be gone. This, in turn, would make other freelance employees unemployed. “

“When Sjölin was expecting their third child, he said to finish up.”

“, ”When my third child was at the time I had broken down inside of the unrequited loyalty and finally reluctantly realized that the SVT is a oseriösare actor in the labour market than a shell company in Malta,” he writes.”

“Daniel Sjölin has received a lot of reactions to his text. “

“– I’m still quite shocked by the response. Today we have a whole generation of people who lived all their professional lives in these premises and now there are several of us who begin to speak up, ” he says.”

“”Everything to lose””

“– Are you freelance you have everything to lose on that dare to tell. Then clients like SVT, hide behind the clauses that everyone has the right to criticise things, but for example, if there occurs a conflict between a temporary employee and a permanent employee so it is just to do away with the temporary employees. You do not need to resolve the conflict. “

“Sabina Rasiwala is the HR and corporate communications director at SVT:”

“– We’re re-evaluating our range every 18 months, then we start the new program, put down a few, and above all, we develop our programming. It also means that we have very few permanent staff presenter. We need to renew ourselves, ” she says.”

“But Daniel says also that you generally treat temporary employees worse than employees?”

” I do not think that it is true. I understand if there are people who have that experience and then we’ll correct what we have done wrong, but I don’t see it as a general problem. And it is not true that you can’t apply for parental leave if you are employed with us, even if it is on a more limited period of time. It is obvious that if you apply for parental leave so granted it. But I must be clear that you can not apply for parental leave if you don’t have a job or a contract, ” says Sabina Rasiwala.”