M.C.P. is a Tijola resident who was 50 years old and worked as a public servant. The entire province has been affected by the crime. Institutions as well as representatives from the various political parties have reacted quickly.

The Provincial Council of Almeria expresses its deepest condemnation and condemns the sexist murders that took place in Tijola. The Government of Almeria joins the grief of their loved ones and shows its firm determination to end this social scourge. Rest in Peace, the supramunicipal institution was transferred to social networks.

Javier Aureliano Garcia, the Provincial President and also President of the Popular Party of Almeria was shocked at the latest act of gender violence.

I offer my family, friends, and neighbors all of my support during these difficult times. He said that to overcome this scourge, we must be united and collaborate with all the administrations.

Shocked by the latest crime in Tijola (Almeria), gender violence. All my support to my family, friends, and neighbors in these difficult time. To overcome this scourge, we must be united and work together to all the admons.