After the alleged attack of a wolf on a man, lower Saxony, Bülstedt the result of the DNA-analysis are known. Thus, there is no evidence that the 55-Year-old by a Wolf and was bitten. the

For the alleged attack of a wolf on a man, lower Saxony, Bülstedt scientists have found no evidence. The DNA analysis in the order of the lower Saxony Ministry of environment had not provided appropriate evidence, said a spokeswoman. This is, however, not excluded that the 55-Year-old of a Wolf was attacked.

environment Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) clarified the results later, at a press conference. There are traces of various animals had been detected, he said, however, not of a wolf. Two taken onsite hair propene come from a deer. On the sweater of the man’s cat were found in hair and Saliva of the dog and cat. The Hammer of the man that he used, according to the Wolf, ward off, nothing was found.

Read said: “I would have liked to see a more clear result. We had hoped for clarity, whether dog or Wolf ‘polluter pays’ were, to a purposeful act.” A Wolf would have been determined, then a “removal”, i.e. a killing of a wolf would have been possible. The SPD politicians, according to the case, that the Pashacasino Wolf would not have been individually identified, even the killing of the entire pack have been possible.

Now to be investigated Point to potentially in the area of loose-running dogs. Read said he had given an “intensive wolf monitoring” in order to get more information about the resident pack. Also, Read to be caught, according to wolves in the future, stunned and in front of the release with transmitters.

A municipality worker was bitten on Tuesday of last week in the small town about 30 kilometers North-East of Bremen, as he reported to the police later. The man worked, therefore, kneeling at the fence of a green area of the cemetery. He handle to the rear, was taken prisoner and held his Hand suddenly. He looked around and was convinced to see a Wolf that had snapped. Three more wolves had observed the action with some distance, the man. Then he was able to free himself and the animals expel. A day later, the 55-Year-old his Hand looked at.

Immediately were sent by the Ministry of environment, two members of the wolf offices to Bülstedt. Apart from animal hair, the sweater of the man and the Hammer were seized samples. The samples were then sent by courier to the Senckenberg-Institute in the Hessian town of Gelnhausen.

“Since the return of the wolves has been, no man ever incurred,” said Roland Gramling, the press spokesman of the environmental organisation WWF after the incident. The case in the district of Rotenburg, it must be examined. “You have to take every case seriously, regardless of whether it was a pack, a wolf pack or a dog,” says Gramling.