Trafi reported earlier on Sunday that it removed the license information of the service the study period. The evening service can still fetch the data in Swedish and English and direct link also in Finnish.Sunday night people driver’s license information to get continue to get, if you know the service of a direct link or using trafi’s English – or Swedish-language websites. Stock. Tom Vuokola

the evening paper the news Sunday morning trafi’s online service, which will be able to pick any driver’s license information person id or name and municipality of residence basis.

since July open service was closed later on Sunday, when Trafi started getting feedback from the public.

on Social media began to have a lively discussion about how people experience this service. Presented arguments also to the fact that this is not a good service, Trafi division director Janne Huhtamäki comment day newspaper earlier in the day.

Also in the field of data protection expert questioned the service of expediency. SoulCore ltd’s data protection expert Perttu Marttila according to the authorities should be careful in the way of official registry data to be published.

Although the information is public, whether it is still appropriate that each person can anonymously visit this information online to ask questions.

trafi’s bulletin says it takes privacy and security very seriously and that is why the service is disabled the study period.

Service in the evening still

on Sunday night the evening newspaper, it Polobet tips the fact that the license information search to the English and Swedish versions still work.

the driver information from the dig will also be directly in Finnish, if you know the service of a direct link.

Huhtamäki according to the services not been in the evening yet completely closed and, therefore, information from still get.

–Part of the closure measures are still in the running, so like all service outputs have not been down. In particular, this applies to Swedish and English, for which the measures are completed, Huhtamäki comment after nine on Sunday evening.

Huhtamäki according to the service is controlled, as a rule, trafi’s front page.

It’s control is off. There has been some direct addresses, and measures are in progress.

the Aim was a faster closing

Huhtamäki according to the objective was the service faster closing timetable. He stressed that the service of the searchable data, however, are in the public domain.

–As stated, this is public information, so any new threats not seen. But when you have promised to close the service, they’ll then go through, that they can be closed and then see through the feedback and development proposals.

Huhtamäki estimates that Swedish and English search service, you will be disabled Sunday night during.