NANTES (Ekstra Bladet): the Dream of the semi-finals and medals exist in the extreme theory, but in practice the project skamskudt of the Serbian warriors and formidable frenchmen. And the end result is allowed in this EM can be even more disastrous with a view to the olympic champions of Russia and Montenegro, who just love to knock Denmark.

Klavs Bruun and the team likely to go to the bottom, among the last 12 teams, and it is everything else than matter. There can be a world of difference in the space of five and number 11!

Why? OLYMPICS 2020 in Tokyo!

– All locations counts in this championship. Everything has meaning in relation to the ranking in relation to OLYMPIC qualification and seeding in the connection. It is clearly stated, says DHF’s team he will play Morten Henriksen, who is the man who must run with it long light on.

the Team, which Sunday in the next week will be announced as the european champion, and next year’s world champion of anguish directly to the OLYMPICS in Tokyo. The other seats are distributed according to qualification in three pools of four teams. Before the OLYMPICS 2016 gaflede Denmark, home to both the men and women with the success and failure of the past.

If EM ends up in disaster, risk the women not to come into play.

– We know that the OLYMPIC qualifier will be made on the basis of the results of the rankings here, but we do not know the details, says Morten Henriksen.

– I and we in the Danish handball has a big dream to have two teams with Tokyo, and it is clear that right now it is not that which is in focus for either the girls or the leaders around the team, but in my head we are already starting to look at Tokyo 2020, says sportschefen.

Morten Henriksen will have the national team on the podium each time, but the Marsbahis team has far from played to it by this EM – and now Denmark can also be knocked out of the game to the OLYMPICS in Tokyo. Photo: Lars Poulsen

the Team can of course go after becoming world champion for a year in Japan… But even before, the problems can towers up. The best of the three at the european championships in addition to France’s reigning world champions anguish to the WORLD cup.

The nine next – including Denmark – will be seeded and be in the playoff in June, but when teams such as Slovakia, Macedonia and Ukraine probably are in the hat along with Poland, Croatia, the Czech republic and evs. Slovenia is not just like that win total over the two matches.

Denmark has, in recent times, only missed one WORLD cup in 2007, when Brian Lyngholm only drive the team to an 11. place at the european championships in Sweden and was fired. Ago lost the national team’s WORLD cup ye the penalty of two matches against Ukraine and missed the OLYMPICS in Beijing.

– Let me put it this way, that as damehåndbolden has evolved, all of the seeding to be significant for us to play for. It is clear that we will be crazy disappointed if we suddenly have a december without finals, says Morten Henriksen.

DHF’s drømmemål is the medals, the aim is the top four – and in relation to the Team Denmark it is acceptable livelihood of a place in the top eight.

– We would like to be a permanent fixture of the top eight. But I have always said that we kraftedme must play for the top four, and that we must also be fairly fast. I repeat: We do not fight for league cup winners – we are fighting to stand on medaljepodiet every time, says Morten Henriksen.

If the Danish women saves the OLYMPICS-qualification home, should probably be greased nicely for Hassan Moustafa, if the again get the american home…

– We will search about it. The special OLYMPICS-ye the penalty is that the game is played Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but we can in theory run the risk of having travel around the world to south America or Australia.

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