Trollhättan+ FÖLJFem cars in collision on the bridge in the TrollhättanNYHETER

Twelve people in five cars were in the afternoon involved in a road accident on the Stallbackabron in Trollhättan.

Route 44 is completely turned off in the direction of Trollhättan during the rescue effort.

One person has been cut out of a car and taken to hospital.

Five cars are involved in an accident on the Stallbackabron in Trollhättan. The alarm came in at 14 the time.

– It is a kökrock, ” says Simon Willner, internal command at the Northern Älvsborgs rescue association.

According to police, a passenger car having suffered a breakdown on the bridge. Subsequently, five other cars had been involved in the crash behind the wrecked vehicle.

Emergency services had to cut up the Perabet roof of one of the cars.

– All had taken themselves out of the cars except one, Simon says Willner.

– It is unclear skadeläge.

Two people were taken to hospital.

the Road is so far off in the direction of Fareham town centre. One lane is open to the Vänersborg and Uddevalla.

– It is clear that it has become trafikpåverkan because the crash occurred in the middle of the bridge, ” says Jenny Widén, police presstalesperson.

the transport department said that the accident caused major traffic disruptions and is expected to last until at 18. It should after the accident also have been much content on the site and the authority warns of slippery roads on the Stallbackabron.

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