design Chic pieces for the apartment often cost more than 1000 Euro. But who have the skill, patience and perseverance, you can stock up at the hardware store and have a go yourself.

Victoria Bolmer and Oliver Klasen Oliver Klasen

Oliver Klasen, Jahrgang 1979, Redakteur in the resort Panorama, society, and style. Studied in Trier and Munich, politics, sociology, English, and Something-with-media, moreover, the German journalists visited the school. In between stops at the Saarländischer Rundfunk, the SZ, Reuters and the Bavarian television. Loves: the local world city with a heart, beautifully written reports, Indiepop, Werder Bremen, and the view of the Alps in the SZ-Hochhaus. Not so loves: Brussels sprouts, bad coffee in the Morning and crooked, well-worn language phrases.

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Victoria Bolmer, Born in 1992, sending, grew up in Meppen in the Emsland region, studied political science in Hamburg and Osnabrück. Accompanying journalists made during their training at the Ifp Station in the süddeutsche Zeitung, the children’s magazine Geolino and in the editorial Board of the ZDF heute-journal. Since November of 2016 editor in the resort Panorama, society and style.

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Especially for office people, the home – and crafts something Satisfying. Eight hours a day we spend in Meetings, Jour Fixes, project team meetings, Feedback sessions and at the end we ask ourselves often, what was the concrete result of our work. It does one good to do in the evening at home, something solid.

more and more Hobby-do-it-yourselfers ambition to develop. You want to not only hang your lamp itself and the wall painting, you want something Permanent, create something that you will remember for years to come. The reward of beer at the one inch stick in the other Hand, you want to your work.

The following pieces of furniture are all made with materials to build, which you can buy at the hardware store. Five ideas, from the wardrobe to the design chair.

shelf with Mini-folding-blocks

to build The shelf from folding stands to the Self from the living Wendy’s living room. (photo: Wendy’s living room)

furniture Who has dared so far only rarely to the tool, for the shelf living blogger Wendy Nwogwugwu is the ideal starter-project for the DIY. “If you let the wooden slats already in the hardware store to the correct length to be sawn, you need to tool only battery drill and a vise. This tool is easy to use, and in almost every household already exists. The shelf is perfect to discover the love for the do-it-yourself,” says Nwogwugwu.

Pro tip: , the design and replacement of the wood makes the shelf easy to the individual furnishing style. The blogger explains: “Untreated domestic softwoods such as spruce or pine in a modern, minimalist apartments have their place and white painted pieces of furniture can very well be used in the very popular Scandi-Style.”

cost: about 30 Euro

difficulty level: easy

instructions: here.

wardrobe made of natural wood

From a birch trunk, leather belt and beech-wood rods a natural wood wardrobe.


to Whom falls the thing with the green thumb is still a little hard, but on the nature in the apartment will not want to miss – for the birch could be in the hallway of the solution. As simple as it sounds first of all, this DIY wardrobe, however, in the production – even if the small-piece work pay. Who screwed once the leather strap and the beech-wood rods for the wardrobe hook polished and lacquered, saves a lot of space. And spent the evening with something more meaningful than Netflix or Markus Lanz.

cost: about 45 Euro

difficulty level: medium

instructions: here.



bed “Ludwig” made of solid wood you can build yourself.

(photo: OBI)

For the DIY market OBI design build Designer and carpenter in münster workshop manuals for yourself, also for “Ludwig”. “Ludwig” is a bar-bed, made of solid wood, possibly be Designer Joke Dirks at the time of conception had a nagging customer in search of a bed with a low entry, with the backrest and a little more storage space in mind – at least in this bar bed fitting pretty much everything – and selectable. For Dirks, but that is only one of four reasons to build this bed: “first of all, the massive optics. Secondly, the stable construction. Thirdly, the form of beautiful solid wood. And fourthly, the individual design possibilities with attractive glazes.”

difficulty: difficult to

cost: 300 Euro

instructions: here, along.

200 holes pre-drill

Desk with storage function

Practical and high quality: a Desk with a storage function.

(photo: Hornbach)

What you need: scarf boards in two different Thicknesses and Widths, from which the pieces for the table top, the sides and the feet of the table can be at the hardware store saw. Three types of screws, a couple hinges, ready. Construction management in 13 steps at first sounds very manageable, but be careful: This piece of furniture, designed by a Berlin carpenter for the DIY store chain Hornbach, requires skill, patience, precision and perseverance. Who has made a craft never to hit a nail in the wall, is likely to struggle.

Already, the preparatory work is extensive: more than 200 gland holes must be drilled. In very many Places in the instructions: “make sure that the boards are truly aligned”. Finally, a Hobby-do-it-yourselfers in the arrangement of the boards should pay attention to the wood grain, if you want to have at the end of a really nice piece of furniture.

professional hint: An elegant-looking flamed wood look, as seen here in the picture, with a small Bunsen burner to achieve the results you on the wood until the desired color is achieved. However, this requires even more skill, patience, precision and perseverance.

difficulty level: hard

cost: approximately 90 Euro.

instructions: here.

Designer Lounge Chair

Euro-pallets are a common item at DIY-furniture living blogs. They are cheap to obtain, easy to work with and already have a stable basic structure, without the need for drilled or screwed. But let’s be honest: A little bit, they look to students-WG.

want To look to Do-it-yourself: the Designer-Lounge-Chair

(photo: Hornbach)

This object is different. “For me, it did not matter that the Lounge Chair looks at first glance like self-made. It is a design object and meets certain aesthetic requirements,” says the Danish architect Sigurd Larsen has designed the chair, also on behalf of the DIY store chain Hornbach.

The wood-the basic shapes are cut from a single multiplex plate. The seat and back consists of numerous diagonal braced straps made of polypropylene, such as use movers when transporting heavy objects. The manual is very expensive, the Hobby-craftsman learns many new words and experiences, what is a Forstner drill bit and a countersink. It is not recommended to construct the chair alone, but the two of us. In addition, two days of work should be factored in, simply because the Oil-treated wood must dry parts overnight. After all, The individual work steps are very well explained in a comprehensible manner.

material cost: approximately 85 Euro.

difficulty level: very difficult

instructions: here