Antwerp from antwerp, but Tommaso Bordoni (28), for this weekend, from a huge villa in Los Angeles ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’-clothing line launched. With none other than the wolf himself, Jordan Belfort. A childhood dream is becoming a reality.

With a generous serving of Antwerp swagger got Tommasso, the real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. In the spring of 2018 drew Bordoni his wildest shoes on. The young entrepreneur sent to the A-list of Washington, Wall Street and Hollywood an e-mail to ask if they have them a pack of premium brand Bordoni VP should Jestbet deliver. “The chance was small that Barack Obama, Jack Nicholson or Tom Cruise would reply, but no shot is always wrong,” laughs Tommasso. “ But look, in a moment that my wild plan had almost forgotten, there was a dry message inside of Jordan Belfort. That I but contact had to record it with his manager. And from then on it went fast. ” Why Belfort has done that? “I did it myself. I would also have addressed. So I thought, let’s have a look at what that young dude in his mars,” said Belfort.