In France, there was no law, the parents said the Beating of their children. Now, the ruling majority has dared to make an advance – with success: The national Assembly has adopted a text of the law, which stipulates that “children have a right to an upbringing free from violence”. The subject is charged in France emotional and controversial issue. A majority of the population had voted in advance against the interference of the state in family life. the Nadia Pantel, Paris Nadia Pantel

Nadia Pantel was born in Hamburg and studied in the South, in the East and still further East, history and literature. She is working since October 2012 in the süddeutsche Zeitung, for 2018 as a correspondent in Paris.

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blows to the butt, in French it’s own term, “la fessée”. If you had to invent the English equivalent word for it, it would be most likely to “Rear”, the “fesses” means the human buttocks. So succinctly and efficiently, the French with the name of this violence are so lax they are, as yet, in the case of the prosecution. There is currently no law that does not allow parents the “fessée” of their children.

in 2010, failed a law proposal, which should protect children better. 2016 was finally approved a law, the violence in the upbringing prohibits. But in 2017, the constitutional Council refused to appropriate paragraphs for formal reasons. On Thursday, the Director took the ruling majority of Macrons party La République en Marche and its coalition partner MoDem a new initiative. In the national Assembly the debate on a text of the law, which defines that “children have a right to an upbringing free from violence” began in the evening session. Late in the evening, the law was adopted.

France is one of the last European countries that does not prohibit parents Beating. 2015 Paris was reprimanded by the Council of Europe. Although it is forbidden, violence against minors. However, the parental “right of correction”, which includes face slapping, and “fessée” is at the same time. Given the debate about the new law shows once again that many French parents, blows on the butt or in the face seem to be more likely to believe an individual parenting decision than it is for violence towards defenceless. Various surveys of the past years all come to the same value: 70 percent of French people are against a ban of the parental beatings.

A slap on the butt? Right you are, as long as “he is running with love”

Although there are no experts, recognize any educational or development of psychological Benefit in slapping for children can also be found Betsidney in France, but the Well-being of children is rare in the centre of the current debate. It comes to the well-being of the parents. The arguments of the opponents of an Anti-spanking law can be summarized as follows: The state should not interfere in private family Affairs. It is not necessary to call every shot is equal to a slap in the face, there would also be “light strikes”. The new law could encourage children against their parents, rebel.

Within the political spectrum are represented by these ideas, especially in the conservative (Republicans) and the extreme right-wing camp (Rassemblement National). Republican Eric Ciotto called the current debate “silly” and “pseudo-moral”. The Vice-chief of the Rassemblement National, Nicolas Bay, said Thursday in Breakfast television, a spanking was in order, “as long as he was going to run with love”. You should not mix the “educational beating” with “physical violence against children”. The former will allow it to show the children the “boundaries”. But the social Democrats are worried about parents, their right to slap demand. 2015, after the warning by the Council of Europe, said the socialist Secretary of state for the family, Laurence Rossignol, was also opposed to the suggest children. And added immediately, But If parents can be “a physical punishment to have to go through”, it is necessary to teach the parents how to behave better, rather than threatening them “with the judge”.

Also, the new law provides no penalties for beating parents. It is to help for a rethinking of education. The child psychiatrist Stéphane Clerget describes how the “fessée” from Generation to Generation. The fessée was part of the childhood memories, even if they had a “bitter taste”. “My grandfather spanked my father, my father and I now, my son,” summarizes Clerget the thought patterns.

Sweden was the first European country, the violence in the education of prohibition

French slapping and beating opponents who want to prove that the new law stigmatizes not overwhelmed parents, but children should help bring up the example of Sweden. There, in 1979, violence was prohibited in the education, although the majority of Sweden was against it. Sweden was the first European country that dared to take this step. In the following years, the violence declined in respect of children.

In Germany, the right to a violence-free education, since 2000. After that, a rethink took place. In 1996, 82 percent of the German parents said they would punish their children by hitting, in 2001 this number decreased to 76 percent. 2016 took place, according to a study by the professional Association of child and youth doctors, every fifth German is a “light slap” is in order.