The Snow-V is not a new invention, the snow plow industry. You meet the wizard to Learn how to brake in Snow in Bertas kinderland in the Tyrolean holiday region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. “The children are on rails. The rear of the Ski, the tips come together, and the inner edges are pressed into the snow,” explains ski instructor and idea of the origin of the Eva. You and your colleagues have brought a number of tools for novices and more experienced at the Start the individual Training. “Every child needs something different.”

The sentence could stand on a promotional poster. Because the Region has created a winter sports program for families that covers all the needs. Fathers and mothers have the freedom to define family vacation in your mind. Who wants to give out on the slopes Gas, can let the young all-day care for, or a ski course. And then the black runs, such as at the Lazid and at the Pezid down boards. If there are two or three hours of personal enjoyment, meet, pick up the kids earlier and spends the holiday season together.

The holidays can be without skiing

spend Even otherwise, you are creative in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis skiing for early birds is all the rage. Registered participants are allowed in front of all the others on the slopes. The offer also includes Breakfast Events on the mountain, an exclusive dinner in the mountain hut, enjoying events or night-time rides with a snowcat. The creators of the Destination also organise performances under the open sky and Shows with lights and pyrotechnics effects.

Action for the Major: With Fenomenbet the Segway through the snow nozzles. Image: PD

Alone with the activities away from the slopes, a holiday week is complete: After a Rollover in the giant swing Skyswing in Fiss, the guests lift off with the Fisser Flieger, which brings it up to 80 kilometres an hour. Who now still feel dizzy, the the cable slide, the Serfauser Sauser and the heart: For the airy pleasure in up to 85 meters in height, it needs good nerves. From the adrenaline rush calm down, we recommend a hike on the winter trails through the snowy landscape. This Tour can make parents also force saving by renting an electric kids car.

125’000 square feet of space for the young

For years, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis creams prices for family-friendliness. The Region has lost a greater tradition and more extensive ski resorts, although she was a late starter in the Alpine space. Only in 1958, a more people incurred the cable car and the Hotels.

Up in the 70s, the growth was modest, but then you met some visionary decisions: Serfaus introduced a driving ban for cars in the Winter, and later built even a subway with four stations. To this day it is in operation and is considered to be the smallest and highest on a cushion of air suspended railway in the world. Already four decades ago it was decided to focus on children and families.

In the sun castle watching parents via on-screen the progress of the offspring.

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, which is framed by the peaks of the Ă–tztal Alps and the Samnaun group, today offers more than 200 kilometres of slopes, ranging up to nearly 3000 meters above sea level. In addition, more than 50 km of cross country trails.

By gondola and six armchairs is connected to Serfaus with the neighboring municipalities of Fiss and Ladis. With the murmli Park, Kinderschneealm, and Berta’s children’s land, three areas are available with a total of 125’000 square feet of space for young skiers.

In the Latter, the three-storey Berta’s children’s Villa that serves as the center for families is located. Heart of an entertainment area including a stage. In the Sonnenburg family restaurant above Bertas kinderland parents can observe via a screen, the progress of the offspring. Because at some point the work brakes even without the snow plow wizard.

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Created: 01.12.2018, 17:34 PM