Dating concepts within reality tv has evolved constantly since the us tv program ‘The Bachelor’, which focused on a bachelor who out of a large number of women, had to choose a single woman who he would marry. Then would he free her for open display.

the Concepts have since evolved into a wilder direction, which among other things has seen the ‘Married at first sight’, where people get married, without even having seen each other.

Or the programme ‘Love is Blind’, where people make love without having seen each other. And a little more cheeky variant in the ranks of the dating concepts is ‘Naked Attraction’, where you choose your date from the counterparty looks like naked.

The brand new dating program from the UNITED states ‘Labor of Love’ now takes the reality-the concept of a game steps on. Here, a 41-year-old woman namely out of the 15 men selecting a man to make her pregnant.

the Program premiered on the american FOX TV in the last week.

the Tv host is Kristin Davis, known from the tv series ‘Sex and the City’, and the 41-year-old protagonist is Kristy Katzman, who previously participated in the reality series ‘The Bachelor’.

It writes several media outlets including Fox News and the Independent

The american actress Kristin Davis is a tv host in the new wild reality-concept ‘Labor of Love’. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix.

In the tv show’s last program the 41-year-old Kristy Katzmann choose whether she will have a relationship to the selected man to make her pregnant through normal sexual intercourse. She can, however, also choose to simply use his sperm. So that he thereby becomes just a sperm donor in connection with her upcoming pregnancy.

The 41-year-old Kristy Katzman, who both are intelligent and successful, has for many years put his career before the desire to have a child. But now she is so ready to take the plunge.

In the course of the reality series ‘ eight-section, the 15 men will be exposed to various competitions, challenges and test, so Kristy Katzman can estimate, who turns her the most on, and what genes she would prefer for his future child. The men will of course be sent home, when in the course of the various section gives a down-turned thumb from Kristy.

The 41-year-old Kristy Katzmann has, in fact, to Fox News, explained that she had just come out of a long relationship, when she said yes to contribute as a protagonist in the Labor of Love.

I had just reached the age of 40 years and had just come out of a long-term relationship. I also realized that I had the desire to create a family. I also knew that the clock continually ticked with a view to the possibilities of becoming pregnant. It was time to do something about it, explains Kristy Katzmann, who also have put a lookup with a video out on Instagram, as you can see below:

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This week… a powerful journey that I know SO many of you will relate two begins. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will keep you guessing right up until the very end. What are you willing to put on the line to make your biggest dreams come true? How vulnerable can you truly be? Can you stay true to yourself in the middle of the storm? Do you know how strong you really are? Are you open to a new and totally different story? Can you be comfortable being uncomfortable… in front of the world? Do you have an open mind? Can you stand in your own power? Can you trust yourself, no matter what? What will it take for you to become your own hero? Find out when @laboroflovefox premiers this Thursday on @foxtv • • • • • #fierce #unstoppable #motherhood #shemeansbusiness #LaborofLove #herbusiness #bossbabetribe #creativechics #dreamersandoers #femaleentrepreneur #girlbosses #bossbabesquad #hersuccess #womenintheworld #sisterhoodovercompetition #thisgirlmeansbusiness #womensupportingwomen #sayyestosuccess #womenwithambition #womenwholead #lifesgreatestadventure #myjourney #femaleempowerment #women #bossbabe #goafteryourdreams #makeithappen #gobigorgohome #themodernmamanista #FOXtv

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Here is the actress Kristin Davis in the year 2011 on the red carpet. Now she is the tv host of the ‘Labor of Love’. Ritzau Scanpix.