Travel If it’s not on Facebook, it never happened’ is the modern saying in social media-times. The Ayana Resort and Spa wants to be that thought from the world by its guests, to prohibit smartphones and other mobile devices (and thus also e-readers, iPads, digital cameras and tablet pc’s) to use at the pool.

Many hotels and resorts are very dependent on social media to bring new visitors to lure. The Ayana Resort and Spa Bali choose the opposite path and wants to be “In the Moment” program encourages visitors to use as little as possible, smartphones and other electronic devices to use.

From Klasbahis 9 to 17 hours will not be possible for smartphones to take with you to the pool. People who have their smartphones in their room want to leave, they can while swimming in a safety deposit box leave.

“The digital detox-regulation is an attempt to people from their nieuwsverslaving to help, or people to refrain from compulsively taking photos, social media updates and even emails to answer. Instead, our guests are encouraged to swim, read books or play a game of Jenga to play, or just to truly relax and time for yourself”, says a spokesperson of the hotel.

The policies of the resort, the Ayana will probably not be everyone popular. From a recent survey by Travelzoo shows that 30 percent of U.s. respondents holiday destinations booking on the basis of the potential to their social media to update.