“Gunfire towards residential building in Malmö”

“the Police are investigating a shooting against an apartment block in Segevång, Malmö. Several bullet holes were found in a window. No person has been damaged.”

“– It is unknown when it has happened. A caller has anträffat hole in a window. Police patrol is sent out and makes the assessment that it may have been caused by a firearm, ” says Rickard Lundqvist, presstalesperson at the police.”

“the Alarm came 19.58 on Saturday.”

“Additional findings that suggest the shootings has been made in a lägenhetskorridor.”

“– We can not say with certainty that it is directed against a specific address, ” says Rickard Lundqvist.”

“An area adjacent to the suspected crime scene has been closed off for a technical examination. Outreach takes place in the area in search of witnesses.”

“the Police have no legal classification of the offence in the incident and no one is arrested.”