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Have you been longing for more emojis? Then it can be the time for you to update your phone. The latest iOS update comes with over 150 new symbols.

Earlier in the year, the company announced the Unicode Consortium, which sets a global standard for all emojis, that they would be releasing 157 new symbols.

Now is the day come. We will see an addition of, inter alia, several exotic animals and get a wider variety of hairstyles.

do you Have the latest update you will find a lobster, a muffin and a piratflagga.

”Cold Face”, ”Partying Face” and ”Hot Face”

Kralbet in Addition, you will see significantly more expressive faces, among other things, a cold face with dangling icicles, a partying face and a hot boiling face.

There have also been new superheroes and villains.

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It will even go to choose from a wider range of skin tones for each emoji.

One of the biggest changes will be: hair! The new update contains more color options for red hair, curly hair, white hair – and no hair.


We may also see a magnet, a piece of the puzzle, a receipt and the UN-flag. Although the symbols might feel a little redundant right now, but that certainly will be important shortly.