According to the Iranian journalist in exile Babak Taghvaee, quoted by the Opex360 site, the Iranian airline Mahan Air, close to the Revolutionary Guards and to power, has managed to acquire two Airbus A-340s that the French Air Force withdrawn from service, thanks to a front company established in Indonesia.

These two planes were withdrawn from service in 2020, when they were replaced by A-330s following a government plan to support aircraft construction. Subsequently, they were auctioned at a starting price of 80,000 euros each, and acquired for 880,000 euros by the French company LMO Aero.

They remained adorned with the military liveries that the army had affixed to the planes, and remained immobilized for two years at Chateauroux airport before being acquired by an Indonesian company and flying to Jakarta in May 2022. This Once, they stayed in Indonesia for a year, without the identity of their new owner being revealed, then were again registered this time in Mali, and flew away… but for Iran.

They have now been at Chabahar Air Base in southwestern Iran since May 23, as evidenced by satellite photographs.

Front companies from Indonesia, a country that has good relations with Iran, have in the past been used to circumvent sanctions and exploit technologies, including American ones, prohibited for sale to Iranians.