The Instagram image shows a long-haired brunette, holding her perfectly manicured hands to her face, as she wanted to wipe a few stubborn strands of hair from the forehead. A whimsical snapshot, you think, until you read the Text. “I have caught me yesterday for a long time again to make my happiness from other people … not every day can be a good one, but even a bad day has its good moments.” These personal records has posted the Thurgauerin Nathalie Céline recently on Instagram, more than 27 000 young people you are left once more to their feeling a part of life.

For the 20-year-old blogger and Youtuberin is clear that you do not want to present in social media only a flawless facade. “My Followers should know that I’m a normal person that I am, feel bad and unhappy,” says Nathalie Céline, who blogs openly about bullying, Body-Shaming, or violence in their past relationship. With your setting, the Youtuberin is not alone. Influencers come out of the closet in the social networks more and more often with their problems and weaknesses. It is in the Trend of popular bloggers to try indoor and Blogger to be publicly taboo subjects, to Express that you are dealing with: depression, self-injury, and suicide.

is Approachable in

This is a good thing. Because the number of young people, because of serious personal problems and suicidal ideation to the emergency number 147 Pro Juventute, has been increasing for years. In almost 30 per cent of consultations, depression, anxiety, or sleep and eating disorders. The reasons for this experts suggest increasing pressure, not only in the school. The staged perfection in social media is not a Teenager, partly under massive pressure, if you are so and live like the gephotoshopten idols. No wonder, it has developed in recent years under the Label of “mental health” is a counter-trend: It shows itself to be genuine, approachable, imperfect. Well-known influencer inside post Blogs about your self-doubts and give tips on how they have learned to accept yourself better.

More than 18’000-changes Iris Reeves’ Youtube-entry over her depression (Video: Youtube/Iris Reeves)

help by their peers, life is for insecure Teenagers is important, because they can identify better. The Peers are Social Media Stars, the effect is all the more sustainable. The Advisory Platform collaborates with Influencers. One of them is the 20-year-old Youtuberin Iris Reeves from Biel. You were on the Snapchat channel for a week tips and stand teenagers.

Normally set to embark Comedy and Lifestyle Videos. But last year she did a year-long depression publicly, because they wanted to encourage others, as she says. More than 18’000 times your Youtube Video was called. “I wanted to break the ice, because the disease affects many.” In the past, ashamed of Iris Reeves, that she was different than others. The step to the Public was therefore only logical and in the end even beneficial. “It’s nice when, thanks to my mistakes and weaknesses of others to better Betasus accept it.”

a Lot of responsibility for a 20-Year-old

Nathalie Céline made already in the beginning of 2016 on Youtube that they as a 15-Year-old suicide had thoughts, because she felt ugly and fat. “I came out, because back then I would have been very glad, could I with someone to exchange,” says the Youtuberin. The Echo in the Community was huge: More than 600’000 times the entry was called, almost 15’000 Likes, over 1000 Online comments, the vast majority positive. Insecure, self-doubting teenagers, the Video delivered Blog quasi the evidence that you will not be left alone with their problems. And, above all, that you can overcome them. With Motivational phrases like “If someone puts rocks in the path, builds a castle out of them,” Nathalie Céline almost 100’000 Youtube Fans. Many will take the words of your idol is grateful to the heart.

Over 600’000 times Nathalie Celine’s Outing was clicked (Video: Youtube/Nathalie Céline)

the role model brings with it a huge responsibility, knowledge channels, the two YouTube. Often, young people who are stuck in a difficult Situation and the Council are trying to contact you. “Sometimes, a few encouraging words-rich,” says Nathalie Céline. “If someone sounds really desperate, I strongly advise to talk to a trust or a qualified person.” Just as Iris Reeves, the Fans on their anonymous Online consultations, such as and appropriate therapy offers. “I’m not an expert. I’m listening to, but I need to protect myself.”

Are personal Blogs today, is not primarily a kind of public diary? Iris Reeves denied. On Youtube you can share with others only a fraction of their personality, Good or Bad. “Thanks to my Posts for others to see, however, that you can also have as a depressive Person’s success, that it is just not a disturbed geek.”


Created: 07.12.2018, 10:30 a.m.