Beatrice Kunz was ripped from the cough of your three-year-old son from the bedroom. “He was a whistling noise and started to struggle for air,” recalls the 38-year-old mother on the night of the incident in the penultimate Winter. In a panic, she woke up her husband. “I was afraid that our son might suffocate, and didn’t know what to do.” The parents called the Emergency pediatrician. As this is heard on the phone, the coughing noises, he guessed immediately, a pseudo-Krupp.

pseudo-Krupp, in technical language, “Laryngotracheitis”, is an infection of the larynx and of the trachea, which is triggered by cold viruses. The strange name of the disease is due to the fact that it resembles the genuine “croup cough”, the diphtheria,. Against this serious infectious disease you can get vaccinated. Therefore, you are no longer with us since 1983.

mainly in the autumn and winter months, the cases of pseudo – Krupp are clustered on the emergency wards, it is predominantly children between one and five years. Around one in seven children in this age group become ill or several times. Often a slight cold with A sore throat and runny nose precedes the pseudo-Krupp. In the evening hours or at night, the children suddenly begin barking cough. The typical wheezing shortness of breath at the end of sounds when Inhaling, and in more severe cases. Because the virus the mucous membranes in the area of the larynx and trachea to swell, so that less air is coming through. “Because children are smaller, closer have respiratory, faster breathing problems,” says Georg Staubli, head of the emergency unit of the children hospital in Zurich. “Adults with a larynx and trachea inflammation usually suffer only from hoarseness.”

children of smokers vulnerable

Meanwhile, the doctors know that pollutants can be effective in the air, the disease. For example, children who grow up in Smoking homes suffer, more often, pseudo-Krupp. Gender also has an influence: In the case of young the cough, seizures occur slightly more often than girls, the reason is unknown.

the disease is Diagnosed because of their characteristic cough sounds and the whistling inhalation. Other, more serious infections ruled out, is usually examined the throat and the lungs auscultated.

“studies have shown that moist air alone improves the symptoms.”Georg Staubli, children doctor

The emergency-children’s doctor was able to take Beatrice Kunz and her husband, the fear of something. He advised them to remain quiet, to sit down with the child on the balcony and cuddle with him. “We know from experience that the fresh, cold winter air is good for the children,” explains the paediatrician Georg Staubli. Much more important is it, however, as a parent, to radiate peace. “Such coughing spells are painful and disturb the child,” he says. “The excitement it breathes faster and gets even worse air. This is a vicious circle.” The more the child parents give him rest and security needs.

Some Doctors recommend to go with the child into the bathroom and the shower, because moist air will relieve the symptoms. “There used to be on our emergency station, therefore, even a Bahsegel air humidifier,” recalls Georg Staubli. But that is history. “Studies have shown that moist air alone improves the symptoms,” says the pediatrician. The bathroom Trick active sometimes, probably because parents can do something and therefore quiet, which transfers to the child.

Beatrice Kunz followed the advice of the emergency doctor, and the cough of her son was soon better. “On the recommendation of the doctor we gave him a painkiller and put him to bed. After a few minutes he was sleeping peacefully.”

Can relieve a cough seizures: A walk in the fresh air. Photo: iStock

the coughing outside in the cold is not better, it is advisable to call a doctor. Many municipalities are connected to a medical emergency service. In addition, various children’s hospitals have emergency numbers in Switzerland are allowed to be called. In the case of severe respiratory distress, parents should choose immediately the number 144. To drive “yourself to the hospital, is not a good idea, in the worst case, constructed with excited parents in an accident,” says Georg Staubli. Signs of a severe shortness of breath retractions above the breast bone and between the Ribs, blue discoloration of the skin as well as drinking refusal. “Such severe cases of pseudo-Krupp are fortunately rather rare,” says the pediatrician.

Even rarer is the so-called Epiglottis, a life-threatening disease, which may be similar to the pseudo-Krupp, but by the bacterium “Haemophilus influenzae B”, short-HIB, is triggered. The vast majority of children are vaccinated against this disease, which is associated with a high fever.

treatment in hospital with cortisone

In the hospital is treated the same as the pseudo-Krupp usually with cortisone. The drug causes within sixty minutes, a reducing the Swelling of the inflamed larynx and trachea. “Many parents have concerns about cortisone,” says Georg Staubli. However, a single dose has virtually no side effects. “These occur only with prolonged use or high doses.”

Sometimes, it also takes a inhalation therapy with the hormone epinephrine, the Airways within a few minutes can reduce swelling. Depending on how the child is, it remains then for Monitoring in the hospital or may return home.

Beatrice Kunz was with her son the day after the incident, the pediatrician of your son. This is the diagnostic pseudo-Krupp, confirmed and issued a prescription for a cortisone preparation. “Since we have the means at home, my son had no nocturnal coughing more,” said Beatrice Kunz. Also, Georg Staubli from the Zurich children’s hospital, the parents are usually a cortisone preparation to take home. “If the pseudo-Krupp shows up again, you have a means of ready, the discomfort of the child relieves quickly.” In General, the pseudo-Krupp is granted after a maximum of two nights out – and the parents can relax and breathe a sigh of relief.

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Created: 06.12.2018, 17:03 PM