South on the Ring 3 in Oslo, right before the exit to the Manglerud, ceases kollektivfeltet a clean avkjøringsfelt. According to the law, shall all, with the exception of the bus in the route, arrange themselves into in the ordinary lane prior to the exit. Also elbilister.

When Dagbladet on Wednesday 5. December conducted an informal survey of the exit, the result was disheartening. And potentially lucrative for the coffers.

In 20 minutes, broke a total of 64 cars the law, and ran in the field reserved for the bus in the route. Of the 64 cars were seven taxis and 57 electric vehicles.

Almost impossible to win

Finn Erik Grønli by Trafikkorpset in the Oslo police district told Dagbladet that it almost is a battle that is impossible to win.

prayer to thee: Finn Erik Grønli in Trafikkorpset by Oslo Police tells about a battle which is almost impossible to win. Photo: Berg-Rusten/NTBScanpix Show more

– We’ve had more controls, and find that after only 15 minutes we are upstairs in a two-digit number of simplified fine, ” says politioverbetjenten.

And the problem has been worse the last few years, according to Grønli. He does not want to fix any thumb, but experience that respect and attitude to the road traffic licensing has decreased in the last few years.

It should always be worthwhile to choose an electric car Debate

– the Number of violations in kollektivfelt is greater today than it was a few years back. We’ll carry out a control, it is almost so that if we turn back to write out the penalty to one driver, then running ten to illegal and get away with it.

Grønli is far from surprised by the result of the investigation.

But I think it is unfortunate that we have it like that, ” he concludes.

– Not used with signs A brand new Tesla is soon ready for production. Here is what we know dinside

Also not in English elbilforening are they surprised. Communications manager Petter Haugneland tells Dagbladet that, with so many new electric cars due to the total fleet, 53 times as many in just eight years, there are many who are unfamiliar with to relate to this type of sign.

– Although I think a lot of people speculate in to run illegal, I think also that there are many who either only follow the car in front or simply not used with the signs, ” he says.

DESTROY FOR OURSELVES: Petter Haugneland mean motorists must take responsibility. Photo: an electric car.en Show more

Haugneland believe that utslippsbilister would not put themselves into kollektivfeltet basically, unless they would take off, and would rather not ended up in the situation.

– It is also a part of taxis running where prohibited, as also is familiar with being in the kollektivfeltet, ” he continues.

to put an end to the issue, he believes the police need to have more frequent controls, but it has also created a greater awareness among elbilsjåførene.

– This must be turned down firmly on from the police side. But we must also be aware that this undermines the benefits we have as elbilsjåfører.

do you Mean that this is the responsibility of the authorities to solve?

– No, this is every individual motorist’s responsibility. But we can not stand and keep the check, it is Hilbet the police’s task. We can only help to create a change of attitude, ” he concludes.

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