In selvforherligelsens heyday is Vashti Bunyan a self-effacing acquaintance.

The 73-year-old singer and songwriter, seemed quite exotic when she gave a rare american concert at the Nørrebro Theatre in Copenhagen.

But (the video documentary was humble appearance, and fragile folk songs is now not the only thing that makes her something quite special.

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the Englishman took, indeed, just a 35-year-long break between her debut album, ’Just Another Diamond Day ” from 1970, which secured the eccentric cult following, and the follow-up, ’Lookaftering’.

Comebackpladen fortified Bunyan’s position as a shining example of the modern folkscenes, flying the flag, Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart.

They starred both on ’Lookaftering’, and it was also a relatively young audience, who took good care of the tummelumske veteran, while she gently put themselves right in the popular theatre.

(the video documentary was delicate tone of voice appeared to be astonishingly intact as a cooling breeze that blew gently across the seats. Even so she seem that she would probably fall of the chair if there was mm.

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Her songs seems to come from before irony was invented, and she has actually managed to protect its modest repertoire, unspoilt qualities. In particular, ’Diamond Day’, ’Train Song’ and ’Heartleap’ was enchanting without, however, completely mesmerize.

The dreamy fog steamed like a mug musical pot-the, but despite the accompaniment of guitarist Gareth Dickson missed one of the slightly more varied events on her plates, and the variation there was not much of a map set in just 70 minutes.

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Bunyan tied amiable numbers along with short, funny presentations, that gently reinforced the impression of a krammekærlig outsider with the heart in the right place, but the body in the wrong millennium.

It seemed as if she came from another planet. Or at least a second time.

Vashti Bunyan was discovered in 1965 by The Rolling Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham. Photo: Olivia Loftlund

Here Before

Diamond Day


Across the Water


If I Were

Train Song

Two Trains


Against the Sky

I’d Like to Walk Around in Your Mind




Glow Worms