the Summit in Katowice is described as the most important opportunity for the climate, since the world leaders agreed on the paris agreement in 2015. A framework for how climate agreement should look like have styltas up, but the goal is to now agree on a framework for how climate change can be combated globally.

the UN climate summit, COP24, already began on 2 december and since then have negotiations been in progress between representatives of the countries of the world. The goal of the initial negotiations was that already on Saturday to have a draft ready for environment ministers to debate on Monday.

they still had to finalise the text before the ministers ‘ arrival.

– It is very technical, very complex, very difficult, ” says Michal Kurtyka, president of the COP24, told Reuters.

One of the crucial issues during the negotiations has been how developing countries can receive financial support of richer countries to meet the climate targets.

In Oleybet the afternoon, a delegate told Reuters that there were still 800 parentheses in the text, the points of which they are not agreed. Which can be compared with the nearly 3,000 brackets contained in the text before the negotiations began.

of the chief negotiator Johanna Lissinger Peitz, who also is one of the UNION’s three negotiators on the ground. Earlier in the fall was agreed by the european Parliament’s environment committee on its position ahead of the UN climate summit. They landed then in the goal to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by the year 2030.

On 14 december, the meeting ends and then the world’s environment ministers will hopefully agree on new targets to meet the climate threat.

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