A new Islam advice is from January 2019 in case of conflicts between local authorities and Muslim communities. What are the problems and misunderstandings between the municipality and the “Muslim life-worlds” can arise, and showed the need for analysis. Municipalities and Muslims knew each other very little, so one of the conclusions of the scientists. the Lisa Quickly</strong

Lisa Quick, born> Lisa Quickly in 1984, is a “Münchner Kindl” and in the third Generation at the Isar resident. At least the Review of the family tree, history has shown the the. She studied politics, sociology and history in Munich and Prague. By the way, you drove a blue BR-Bus over the Land and kept the people in Bavaria, the micro for the show cross under the nose. The way the German school of journalism led them back to the written word. After a year as a Bayern correspondent for the taz is now the country tags, a correspondent for the SZ-Bayern editorial.

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consequences of A new Islam Council of January 2019 in case of conflicts between local authorities and Muslim communities to help. The main initiator is the Christian Eugen Biser Foundation, which promotes inter-religious understanding. They examined in a study, such as the exchange between the Bavarian local authorities and their Muslim residents to work. It turned out to be: Not too well. A total of three consultants to help with misunderstandings and conflicts.

they see themselves as bridge-builders and mediators, the solutions do not make, but. So Stefan Zinsmeister of the Foundation, it said on Thursday, as they presented their project in Munich. Interest master consults by phone, Mail, or in the case of a local visit. Because the employees really want to take the time, he is expecting about 40 consultations per year. Overall, the week, the three 40 hours. What are the problems and misunderstandings between the municipality and the “Muslim life-worlds” can arise, and showed the need for analysis.


you are both, Muslims, and Bayern

<p class="sz-teaser__summary" An elaborate study of Muslims in Bavaria, shows the range of their ways of life: from religious to secular, conservative to liberal. By Matthias Drobinski

in 2018, a total of 16 men and women from all Bavarian government districts interviewed politicians, municipal employees, representatives of Christian charities and Muslim communities. An employee of a municipality is reflected in the study with the following history. At the beginning, have ruled in the community the Belief that all Muslim communities are somehow similar. Finally, you have the same Religion. But then you spoke with the one and approved them something and the other said: “Why do you prefer?”. This went back and forth. It must be Bets10 quite complicated. At the end they came to the office to the conclusion: “Then we stop with no more what if they’re just arguing.”

municipalities and Muslims knew each other very little, so one of the conclusions of the scientists. One interviewee, for example, showed frightened about a third-grader, he witnessed at a local school project. With shining eyes, told by his Cousin, the can the Koran by heart. One of them gushed and led the other horror: What is this Religion, in just the Reciting of words and not the understanding that counts? About the meaning of the Qur’an’s reception, he knew nothing, the negative judgment on the Muslim community, heard of the Boy, but was taken. A call to the Islam advice would have been able to expand his view of the world, the hope of the initiators. An undercurrent of Islamophobia in the country were both Muslim Respondents, as well as representatives of cities and municipalities.

There is a need for the recognition that even the Locals are guided by cultural assumptions, said Haci-Halil Uslucan, the was the study. Another result of the study is that a conflict-free society to exist. “Without Muslims, there would have been no conflict, this is a mistaken idea.” Oguz Tasdelen, managing Director of Ditib youth told how many young Muslims experience your life in Bavaria. Since the relationship between Turkey and Germany deteriorated, he experienced a lot of rejection. He often hear: “you are all agents of Erdogan.” At once he had his youth not more so as before. It is good that there is now an Institution, the know both sides, the Muslims and the municipalities.

The adviser to the Eugen-Biser-Stiftung, in either the Muslim or the Christian Faith. Most importantly, be experts in both worlds, said Ayşe Coskun-Sahin. She and her colleagues have studied Islamic studies, Arabic studies, Catholic theology, or anthropology. The advice was “free, confidential and ideologically independent”. The Robert Bosch Foundation supported you over the next three years financially, with 250 000 Euro and with experiences from Baden-Württemberg, where it has been around since 2015 an Islamic advice. The Erlanger centre for Islam and law in Europe helps in the analysis and design of advice. The Director cited an example of how local authorities and Muslim organisations could work together better in the future. A Muslim comes to the Imam and tells the story of a Jinn in the stomach, then it was to Express often his way, that he is very depressed. “Then it is good, if the Imam knows the psychological counseling.”

integration Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) has welcomed the project. It could help to angry protests by concerned citizens against a mosque, but also in the simple things. Where, for example, learn the rites of a lowbrow mayor of a little over Muslim burial? Such a mayor would turn to the Islam advice should he be informed, that a traditional Muslim burial without a coffin in Bavaria is not permitted. But Herrmann was not, he reasoned, why the support of the free state is probably non-material nature will remain. The obligation to make ideological neutrality, to leave nothing else. At the end of the note, that the cooperation is open for new partners and to build the hope of new bridges, but to go together on it.