Supervisory Board Peter Cassalette assigns, and everything else is highly complicated with TSV 1860 München. At the last minute Investor Ismaik shall pay to the football third division club, more than a Million euros. Otherwise, a strict austerity would have threatened the course. the By Markus ewe lamb, and Philipp Schneider

He announced wanted to talk in his first official act, first with Hasan Ismaik, Peter Cassalette on the day of his election to the lions President in November 2015. Three years later, he no longer has to talk to Ismaik. For Cassalette knows now quite well, with mass resignations. And compared to his first resignation at TSV 1860 Munich, his recent resignation on the fact that he went relatively silent on the stage.

As Cassalette for the first Time, an office, the President of the club in 1860, as it rumbled so much in the club that the viewer could lose a little bit of an Overview given the large number of resignations and farewells. In the night after losing the play-off against Regensburg at the end of may 2017 all quit at the same time: coach, Vitor Pereira, managing Director Ian Ayre. And also Cassalette, the President, started with the Agenda of a coupler. He wanted to merge the old lady of Sixty, with your mysterious Investor Ismaik. They never got together.

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As Cassalette the beginning of the year in other function and returned to 1860, as many observers in the Act Ismaiks detected for the first Time a clever concept: Together with YOU-the works Council, Saki Stimoniaris Cassalette advanced instead of Hasan Ismaik, and his brother Abdelrahman in Sechzigs the Supervisory Board. The idea was that The should be addressed, since 2011, the year of Ismaiks entry in 1860, warring partners will finally aim to work together. Also in this function, Cassalette is now withdrawn. Obviously, because he (has detected very late) that there are no reliable cooperation in 1860. Cassalette is only failed as a Ismaiks Partner, now also as his Deputy.

fines and point deduction threatened

Whether Cassalette now with Ismaik had fallen out, only with his Deputy colleagues Stimoniaris, with two, or he’s just with the whole situation, was unhappy that the is negligible. It’s all in any case again highly complicated at Sixty. There was a lack of Baymavi money. And there are self-created problems.

Up to this Friday, had granted to the German football Association (DFB) in 1860, still time to prove that it actually has the funds it had promised in the Wake of the DFB issued gaming license. It is 1.2 to 1.5 million Euro of additional liquidity were missing. In the summer, signed a loan agreement of Ismaik over two million Euro, which already had plans for the club in player transfers in the summer for a long time, was not enough for the DFB as a guarantee. The Association, the accident-free operation of the game want to make sure in the third League, calls of 1860 for weeks the proof of payment receipt on the account, or the guarantee of a German Bank.

Had not paid Ismaik until this Friday, assume internally at least, would have fines and point deduction threatened. The penalty is that in 1860, may make this Winter, no Transfers, should have announced the DFB the club for the case of a pending liquidity proof in writing. On Tuesday evening, Saki Stimoniaris sent out a press release which contained, besides some pleasantries in the direction of the retired Cassalette the longingly-awaited message. “Furthermore, we announce that we have transferred today, Tuesday, the managing Director, Michael Scharold announced money in a timely manner,” it said. Ismaik, who pays, traditionally, often at the last minute would not have been made until Friday, the money would have been managing Director Scharold to those of liquidity in other ways. In a way, the Ismaik not like to be taken. Scharold would have been able to draw on a loan of two million euros, which is the main sponsor “has given The Bavarian” – the two-year continuation of the forecast to ensure that Scharolds predecessor Markus Fauser has created. Interest is paid on the loan would have been five per cent – that wasn’t even the biggest Problem.

Strictly speaking, The Bavarian “your loan is not permitted to provide in conformity with the purpose available would have taken”. The insurer would plug a gap that Ismaik had torn with his transfer, would lack the money to that place for “The Bavarian” stand wanted to: to hedge against a insolvency.

In this scenario, the club would need to save immediately, in order to secure the continuation of the forecast yet. The most obvious place would have been in the squad. The money has been transferred, then this scenario would be averted once again. On the very last push. Again.