Velvet, glitter and sculptural lines – such was the castle of the party elegance.Evening magazine’s style experts Milja Haaksluoto and Vesa Silver review by Castle party outfits. Pure white to execute a Butterfly was wearing a white Katri Niskanen creation, which specials are on the back side: a sexy open back and a festive sweep train make the dress extremely elegant. Long, special sleeves brought the dress to the mysterious sexy.

Often beauty was seen during the evening in a white, even a wedding dress-like gown. Background it – for example, mps Sanna Marin dressed up to the Castle to celebrate in the future hääpukuunsa. White also works for evening dress in and has a classic elegant. It takes a lover a lot and especially the white chiffon is always a risk.

Let Fly the outfit was wonderfully sculpted and it fits the wearer beautifully. The costume is showy and at the same time sexy. Long sleeves are today a sexy choice – it is a mystery, assess a stylist Vesa Silver .

Capes that value young people’s Agenda 2030 environmental group chairman Siiri Mäkelällä was a Valentino haute couture evening dress as well as the Finnish notches of Happiness-evening bag and earrings. TIMO KORHONEN / AOP

One of the surprising trends of the Castle was the party women’s gown-like evening dresses, which have been this year’s hot fashion week catwalks around the world. Gown-like dress comes Grandbetting in carrying an extremely straight never servile, and it succeeded all the cloak-like costumes and get ready for the Castle party guests. The cape-like costume is chivalrous and timeless.

the Red trend color red is a feminine choice for evening dress tone. Trust had a number of evening beauties. PASI LIESIMAA/IL

Red is a feminine classic color, which many of the guests trusted this year. Styles were something straight out of a Hollywood gala red carpet. Color as it is ikisuosikki, which you can’t go wrong. With the red usually requires simple accessories and sliipatun hairstyle. Stunning red suit was seen, inter alia, Anna Wood and kanteletar Ida Elinalla .

Soft green green was one of the Castle’s trend colors. Jani Toivola was dressed in a forest green velvet jacket. Toivola’s bow tie was also special, but functional choice. PASI LIESIMAA

Although the men’s label was really tight, a few men managed to break it in style. Among other things Jani Toivola and Pihla Viitala the spouse Alex Schimpf were the black coats instead opted for a dark green velvet jacket. Velvet is currently an extremely trendy material, and even a dark forest green would not be the men’s label line, we’ll give it I’m sorry these style taiturille.

Sparkle makes a party of jasper Pääkkönen lady friend Alexandra Escat had sequins in one of the evening’s style queens. PASI LIESIMAA/IL

What’s more sparkles, it’s more of a party feel! Many night beauties from trusted laahukselliseen sequin dream. Sequin evening dress is now elegant graafisuus or vulgar millennium, the turn of a familiar fuss. So glitter-evening dress does not become adolescent impression, it comes to bear nobly.

Blue finland seija Alatalo dressed up in a bold blue sequin dream. The dress was rattling palate, but it fits well alatalo of the body. PASI LIESIMAA/IL

the Finns trust the blue party clothes all year round and so it happened this time too. As soon as the first handshake of the first half saw several sequined, dark blue evening gowns. Blue is elegant and timeless choice and it fits perfectly with independence day.