The british prime minister’s special adviser, Dominic Cummings, said at a news conference that he does not regret that he in the midst under the strict british coronanedlukning chose to drive his family to the north east of England.

It was for the sake of our child, he says.

It has triggered a wave of anger, Cummings, who was to draw up the rules for the decommissioning of british society, even broke the rules and drove about 400 kilometers to his parents ‘ farm in Durham.

It has triggered claims that the powerful adviser to resign.

– No, I have not offered to resign. No, I have not considered, he says.

Prime minister Boris Johnson has defended his advisor, who had a large share in The Conservative Party’s big election victory in december and brexit, as shortly after became a reality.

Cummings explains its behavior with that both he and his wife had been sick at the end of march, probably with Covid-19. They were concerned for their minor child under the circumstances and therefore chose to run to his parents ‘ farm.

He says, that he had not made any attempt to make friends in London to take care of the Cummings-couple’s child.

It was in clear contradiction with the government shutdown in order to stop the infection. Citizens were ordered to be within doors, and under no circumstances run across the country.

– I tried to offset all these things. And out from it, so I do not think that I have broken the rules, says Cummings.

Button 37.000 brits is provisionally dead with or of Covid-19, according to the global inventory from the Johns Hopkins University.

It makes the Uk one of the hardest hit countries in the world under coronakrisen.

The british media has in recent days brought the stories of people during the crisis remained within doors, even though the family was hit by tough disease. They did it because it was what society expected of them, have some explained.

Cummings is infamous for his style. He called one of the country’s worst dressed men. He often meet up in Johnson’s office in 10 Downing Street wearing a hoodie and sweatpants.

He drew up the campaign among the opponents of the EU in 2016, a referendum led to a ‘ no ‘ to continued membership of the EU.

Former prime minister David Cameron has referred to him as a ‘career psychopath’.