A stray swan caused a rescue operation, kaisa niemi in Thursday.Swan, the young man returned to his family töölö bay on Sunday. The reader video

on Thursday, kaisa niemi of wandering around found a frantic mute swan has returned back to his family.

the Flightless young swan caused Thursday third hour operation, when alarmed passers-by called the Helsinki rescue department animal rescue. The poor condition of the conditions in the swan was eventually caught and was submitted to the high island wild animal hospital.

emergency services thanked after the operation social media-friendly by vigilance.

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the Swan was found intact and was returned today with his family tokoin shore of töölö bay.

the evening paper I read got the swans were happy to see him again on video. Töölö bay swan couple I have this year with seven chicks, all of which have survived to adulthood.

töölö bay in the swan a couple of this year’s large brood, which all the swans are able to survive early adulthood. Read the image