NyheterKabila do not rule out an valFoto: John Bompengo/AP/TTKongo-Kinshasa president Joseph Kabila intends to continue in politics since he stopped being president. Arkivbild.NEWS

Congo-Kinshasa soon departing president Joseph Kabila plans to remain in the world of politics after the presidential elections on 23 december and opens to set up again in 2023.

– In political life do I exclude nothing, ” says the 47-year-old in the presidential palace in the capital Kinshasa.

<p Betvakti class=”_2ZkCB”> Kabila became president in 2001 after the assassination of his father Laurent-Désiré Kabila. Joseph Kabila’s second and final term of office came to an end in 2016, but he has stayed behind in power with the help of a loophole in the constitution. After months of tensions announced, Kabila in the summer that he will not stand for re-election.

The former interior minister Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary is handpicked by Kabila as a candidate in the elections about two weeks. The opposition has agreed on the mp Martin Fayulu as the common candidate and the main challenger.