An Unknown has sprayed in the nightclub Lanterna Azzurra in the Italian city of Ancona tear gas into the crowd. Eye-witness reports of a pungent smell, for pepper sprays typically. Six people died in the resulting stampede claimed the lives of.

The ongoing investigation show that there are Parallels to other disaster. In Turin, there was also about a can of pepper spray in a mass panic. Thieves had used the tear gas to a Public Viewing of the Champions League Finals, in the General confusion of the audience to Rob. In the triggered panic, Nerobet a woman was killed. 1500 people were injured.

Street Parade knows phenomenon

the Same Trick is also applied in Switzerland, as the “SonntagsBlick” writes. Italian gangs of thieves are in this country. “We know the phenomenon of the Street Parade,” said Judith Hödl of the Zurich city police, at the request of the newspaper.

2016, this new procedure have been registered for the first Time by the police. Women had been attacked in the crowd with pepper spray in order to save you the jewelry. The police have, since then, the Mace-mesh according to the “Sunday view”, especially in the eye. In 2017, 50 offenders had been arrested, the majority of the Suspects were, according to the Zurich city police Italians. (chk)

Created: 09.12.2018, 02:54 PM