The revised civil protection act, the National Council and Council of States reached an agreement. The Council of States has resolved on Wednesday, the last difference. The law is ready for the final votes.

was Controversial to the end, which in the case of private protection money can from the military exemption tax to be used. The Council of States followed the national Council: The funds can only be used for the renewal of the protection spaces.

This includes the renewal of the ventilation system, as, for example, but only, as the Commission’s spokesman, Josef Dittli (FDP/UR) explained. Also repairs of existing structures, such as the tank door – lower. All essential costs are covered, said Dittli. The acquis is preserved. The Details are set out in the regulations, said defense Minister Viola Amherd.

The Council of States was suggested due to the ambiguity of the term of the renewal, first, that the money can be used to cover all costs incurred in the periods after the establishment of private protection. Including the cleaning would be like.

Shorter of the civil protection service obligation

In the most important points had been agreed by the councils earlier. The civil protection service obligation is to be shortened. Today, this takes place from the twentieth to the fortieth year of age. The total number of service days differs depending on the function, and is not legally limited.

in the Future, the service obligation begins at the earliest with the beginning of the 19th century. Age-year and end no later than 36. Year of age. In total, it takes twelve years. A Civil guard has made before the expiry of the twelve-year service obligation, a total of 245 days of Service, he was discharged from the civil protection.

No servant model

it Would have gone to the Federal Council, could have been done in the area of civil protection in certain functions – such as in the army – the service of the piece. National Council and Council of States, however, spoke out against it.

Agree the councils were, however, so that civil guards in the case of large disasters abroad near the main, however, only to the border. The medical service in civil protection shall not be introduced again, as the Federal Council wanted to.

credit volunteer days

In the calculation of the military exemption tax are also charged to voluntary protective service. From the protection of the call of duty for laid-off can be offered, in certain cases, up to five years after the dismissal, however, applied, in particular, in the case of armed conflict.

To the law the councils have written that the Federal alarm and information systems makes it also accessible to people with disabilities. The total revision of the law sets out, according to the Federal Council as the basis for the further development of population protection, improve the protection of critical infrastructure, and eliminate security deficiencies. (Dec/sda)

Created: 04.12.2019, 11:13 PM