The Italian newspaper La Repubblica , according to the Streaming provider Netflix Rom is giving this year’s Christmas tree. On the Christmas tree balls the protagonists should be to see from the series. You should leave this kind of money to splurge, not least at Christmas time to simply be? the Martin Zips Martin Zips

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Netflix gives Rome a Christmas tree. For 376 000 euros, it was reported in the newspaper La Repubblica, the contract had already been signed. 100 Christmas baubles protagonists from the series of the video service should be able to see. Actually consistently, because Rome has been the restoration of his Spanish stairs of a jewellery group pay, the renovation of the Trevi fountain from a fashion house and the cleaning of the Colosseum from a bag manufacturer. Because House of Cards”-Christmas tree-balls would be “at the Capitol is only logical.

on the Other hand, Should the mankind this kind of money to splurge at least at the Feast of the, as some believe, in the stable born, son of God, simply? You could turned on the square where Mussolini used to be the people aufhetzte (and Woody Allen great scenes), not just a medium-sized pot fir from the local hardware store and the saved money to the needy donate?

Ruhr area

Who has the biggest Christmas tree in the world?

two more months until Christmas and there is a curious Christmas tree rages on-the dispute in the Ruhr area. So far, Dortmund is adorned with the largest tree, Herne now. Of Janis Beenen

Netflix does not respond. After all, it’s not the Christmas tree in St Peter’s square, which is supposed to be sponsored. It is its inner-city rivals, two kilometers away, on the Piazza Venezia. Wherein: a competitor is already exaggerated. In the last year from transport-blown Christmas spruce seemed to be in front of the Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II, namely so sad that she was baptized by the inhabitants of the eternal city “Spelacchio”, bald head. A warning – before the rights of Ex-journalists made in Italy a political career, bridges and share packages broke and the desert winds blew.

After the feast of Epiphany, it was the Roman Museum of Modern art will “accept Spelacchio”, but that is where the spruce was never issued. The Romans anyway: pissed off that they had to pay in times of klammster funds also 48 000 Euro for a bald head to the Piazza Venezia. That it happened in a different way, you could see in Milan, where last December a remarkable 30-metre tree (100 000 LED lights, 700 Christmas balls) in front of the Cathedral was lit. A gift of the TV channel Sky.

thanks to Netflix, should Bahis Siteleri there be lights in Rome, according to the Repubblica is now at least 60 000 LED and 500 Christmas balls. Plus a specially separated area for tree Selfies. Of criticism because there is no shortage. If you cannot spend the money for children’s playgrounds and schools, want to know, for example, representatives of the Roman countryside.

For the self-consciousness of a city and its citizens, the appearance of a centrally-placed advent tree appears to play a significant role. In front of the Frankfurter Römer, for example, the Christmas tree of 2017 received, in addition, “foreign branches from the city of forest”, so that he shone next to the Bank towers also superb. This would be done with the unsightly spruce Montréal, Munich and Berlin perhaps.

The Catholic Church has 1.3 billion believers, Netflix 130 million subscribers

How complicated is the selection of a representative tree, the upper Carinthian forestry Director Andreas Januskovecz has just explained the first of the Austrian crownsnewspaper. Januskovecz had been commissioned for his capital, a tree that is at the same time, large-scale, full-bodied, as well as for crane and semi-trailer accessible. Unfortunately, dance of death Museum” precipitated specimen to be met with in the vicinity of the “Metnitzer in Vienna, to little enthusiasm. Local man mocked the needle arms spruce from the diocese of Gurk “cucumber tree”. The Vienna mayor’s office said it was seeking to bring the gift before the opening of the first children’s punch bude through beauty surgical operations again, “a little cut”.

Perhaps with foreign branches from the castle Park? In contrast to the Roman Piazza Venezia, in any case, is not placed in the Piazza San Pietro, St. Peter’s square, therefore, quite as much value on the appearance of Christmas trees. In the past year, for example, the established Present from the Rominter Heide (Poland) didn’t even have an intact top-of-the – matter! Next Thursday is now a copy from the storm-stricken Italian province of Pordenone is expected (in harvested wood is not a defect). And sponsorship in the past years, also in the Vatican: For the renovation of the Sistine chapel, a Japanese TV should have donated it to the transmitter equal to twelve million dollars. But the question is: Would refuse the present Pope a Netflix-tree? The Catholic Church may have 1.3 billion believers and Netflix 130 million subscribers. But who knows when the turns.

the tree you are currently on the Berlin Gendarmenmarkt have built, will be soon see 1000 balls and 10 000 lights. With more than 30 meters in height this is a family meal village had grown over the head. She had donated it. Just so.