for the First time, the North Korean rulers Kim in the new year for talks in the South Korean capital, Seoul, travel. Goal of the denuclearization, Kim wrote in a letter.

The characters are more on relaxation in the conflict between North and South Korea: The North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un wants to travel in the new year for the first time for talks in the South Korean capital, Seoul. Goal of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, Kim stressed in a known Letter to the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in. In it, he regrets that he was not come in the end of the year, as agreed, to Seoul.

Kim expressed his “strong determination” to do this in the new year. Not all the details of Kim’s letter were not disclosed, said the office of the President.

Conciliatory Gestures – the relations of North and South Korea have improved in 2018.

relaxation in the century conflict

In the past few months, and after three summit meetings had eased the relations between the two States; the Initiative was expected after a series of nuclear and missile tests by Pyongyang. The Korean countries are still in a state of war. The fighting ended in 1953 with a cease-fire. A peace Treaty, there is not but.

In June had come, Kim is also a historic summit meeting with US President Donald Trump in Singapore. The North Korea agreed to niche a in power in the “denuclearization” of his country. More precise definitions, a schedule or control measures for the process but have not been called. Both sides argued since the interpretation of the agreements.

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