William Nylander+ FÖLJNylander in the accident – after the team’s träningSvenske the star collided with bilenHOCKEY

A traffic accident occurred after the Toronto Maple Leafs practice on Friday.

William Nylander and teammate Kasperi Kapanen was involved in a crash.

”No one has come to harm,” says the club in a statement.

William Nylander, 22, is back in the game after a were the negotiation with the club the Toronto Maple Leafs.

last Night, Friday, he made his first match in over 200 days.

It went … so-so.

Was bänkad

”Lill-Nyllet” admittedly got the start of the match in toppkedjan along with the superstar Auston Matthews, but at the end of the match, he shifted down to tredjekedjan and to the end Retrobet of the bänkades he completely.

Afterwards patronized he of coach Mike Babcock.

– I think ”Willy” was okay. It takes some time to get up to normal standard only. He is soon much better, ” said Babcock.

In the accident

today came the next setback.

After the training was the Swedish 22-year-old involved in a traffic accident with teammate and close friend Kasperi Kapanen, also 22.

Lokalreportrar in Toronto reports that the duo were involved in a crash. According to the task to be Nylander have driven the car, with Kapanen in the passenger seat. Pictures show that the car – an orange-red Volvo was badly damaged on the right front passenger’s side.

Fortunately, no one came to harm.

”We can confirm that William and Kasperi been involved in a minor collision near our training facility. No one has come to harm,” says the Toronto Maple Leafs in a statement.