Who would have thought: Just 19 months ago, since around two-thirds of the French the declared Pro-European Emmanuel Macron the new President chose. After the election of Donald Trump President of the United States a year and a half before, and the Brexit vote by the summer of 2016, this was the by the Establishment, and all Left eagerly hoped-for Signal against the populism.

Since then, you could read every day for a new Episode of Trumps Chaos-reign in Washington, every week there was a scandal because of its Russia-contacts. Meanwhile, the US mid-term elections are over, and Trump has lost them – just as virtually every US President before him.

In France, nothing similar happened. Macron won the presidential elections, the parliamentary elections. He can in Paris by rule. Last year, he brought ready-to reform the labour law, in spite of the Protest of the trade unions. The railwaymen had to accept an increase in their grotesque depths of retirement age. And it even seemed as if the French economy to recover at least a little bit, and unemployment would go back a bit. Scandals there were hardly any.

“Macron has become the nightmare of all those who wanted to prevent that.”

And now this: For weeks, in France hundreds of thousands in violent demonstrations against Macron. Inflamed prices, the revolt of a planned increase in the fuel. A measure against climate change, a measure that would have to take actually, worldwide, if you want to comply with the Treaty of Paris. A measure, the Macron has esmer porno taken back the beginning of the week, under pressure from the street. And yet, it continues to burn in Paris.

In Washington, however, the demonstrations against Trump are a thing of the past. He is not exactly popular, but still 44 percent of Americans support it. This was not the case, Obama is also much different, and the man, the leading media of the country were speculating that after a month in office, already over impeachment proceedings, has a good chance to be re-elected. And he finds time to write hateful Tweets, in which he makes Macron funny.

With its arrogance of Power, he has done, all against the raise.

Would be elected in France, Macron could expect to just 23 per cent support, say, at least in the polls. And after he gave the beginning of the week, it is in France, not much difference. Macron has not managed to form coalitions and get people on his way to take. Instead, he has holed up in his presidential Palace, the great gig in Versailles looking for and the taxes of the Rich is lowered, instead of the Concerns of the people consulted who have elected him. With its arrogance of Power, he has done, all against the raise.

If this continues, soon it will be Marine Le Pen, President of France. Paris is burning, and Trump triumphs – The bearer of hope, Macron has become a nightmare for all who wanted to prevent this.

(Sunday newspaper)

Created: 08.12.2018, 21:56 PM