At the start of the Easter Pope Francis washed the celebrations of the twelve prisoners to the feet. Today, the stations of the cross ceremony follows at the Coliseum in Rome. In particular, migrants back in the focus.

With applause, the prisoners welcomed the Pope at the entrance. As it has become almost a Tradition in his pontificate, Francis has also chosen this year to be a prison for the Ritual of the washing of the feet, in the Catholic Church, the Easter celebrations will be officially opened.

In his free held sermon reminded Franzisks in mind that Jesus Christ has washed in his last supper as a sign of humility and of serving the feet of his disciples. The appeal of the Pope at the start of the Easter day: “brothers in service”. Humanity is to rise above the other, but to stand by his side. “Each of us must be the servant of the other. This is the rule of the gospel: the rule of service. Not the domination, of evil was too valuable to the Lowering of the other.”

the Traditional highlight of the good Friday evening: the way of the cross in the Colosseum of Rome.

exhortation to the Mighty

Especially, as Pope Francis, the applicable rule of service for the Mighty and Strong. Power should not be used to your own interests, but to help. “The Greatest must serve the Smallest. Just the one who feels the greatest, must be servant,” he said of the Pope.

After his sermon whoosh Francis twelve of the prisoners feet, nine Italians, a Brazilian, a Moroccan, and one from the ivory coast. And he washed their feet, but not kissed her, as a sign of special humility.

conversely, some prisoners at the Pope say thank you with a kiss on the Hand. At the conclusion of the exhibition in the theatre room of the prison, Pope Francis gave the sacrament to prisoners and prison guards.