Photo: @travelling_family

Olivia celebrated its seksårs birthday the other day to float around in the snow in The Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Photo: Lasse Kyed

Iceberg in Greenland, photographed from a drone in 30 to 40 m in height.

Photo: @bentehoffmann

Florence is filled with street art, which is not only painted on the walls.

Photo: @holidaygrail <p class="ui font ui Elexbet font–medium ui font–gray”> Charming hermit crabs on the island of Gili Meno, next to Lombok.

Photo: @ninaludvigsen

Gracefully decay in the Sanatorio Dr. Carlos Durán Cartín in Costa Rica.

Photo: @jospip

Perhaps a bit too much, but the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris have a tradition of lavish christmas decorations.

Photo: Jørn Skytte

Morgenmotiv from the river in the town of Yangshuo in China.

Photo: @rejserdu

50 shades of blue at Rangiroa, which is the main island in French Polynesia.