The Red Devils’ journey by train from Stuttgart to Cologne did not go as planned. The team arrived 20 minutes late due to a technical breakdown. Initially, a 35-minute delay was announced.

A hundred police officers were at the Cologne train station to ensure the safety of the Belgian team. The bus was waiting for them in front of the station entrance. Hundreds of supporters were also present.

The Red Devils experienced a 35-minute delay boarding their TGV. Despite the setback, the team was escorted to the train.

The delay caused by the breakdown had an impact on the team’s schedule for the day. The players had to quickly adjust their plans upon arrival in Cologne.

The unexpected delay did not dampen the spirits of the fans who showed up to support the team. The Red Devils were greeted with cheers and encouragement as they made their way to the bus.

Despite the inconvenience, the team remained focused on their upcoming matches and training sessions. The delay served as a reminder of the unpredictability of travel and the need to be prepared for unexpected challenges.

Overall, the Red Devils handled the situation with professionalism and composure. The team’s resilience in the face of adversity was evident as they continued on with their journey despite the setback.

The delay may have disrupted their travel plans, but it did not shake the determination of the Red Devils. The team remained united and focused on their goals as they continued their journey to their next destination.