More dependent than other hoteliers in the foreign clientele, Relais & Châteaux hope to be able to count on the reservations of the French this summer. Since the government announcements on may 28, thereby restoring the freedom of movement throughout the territory and authorizing the reopening of restaurants, sales of gift boxes soar and the demand for private villas can be felt.

in view of the government announcements last Thursday, in what state of mind are you ?

Philippe Gombert, president of Relais & Châteaux) : For the first time in three months, we see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. We know that everything depends on the changing health of the country, and we see that the situation is improving. The opening of restaurants and the lifting of restrictions on movement made to the French are going to be able to restart the hotel business. Imagine that the Parisians may be deprived of the holidays was very worrying, even as we must cope with the absence of foreign investors. The good news is that the Parisians and inhabitants of cities, who are our first source of leisure, are able to regain complete freedom of movement. It’s missing the opening of the Parisian restaurants.

Our positioning of luxury, with proposals of exceptional experiences, from the hand-stitched, protects us probably a little more than other actors of the hospitality industry

the absence of The foreign customers that, in any case, outside of european countries, can it penalize more heavily the Relais & Châteaux as other actors of the hospitality industry ?

foreign customers represents on average 50% of our business on a year. For the institutions of the Côte d’azur, it probably weighs a little heavier still. We have a lot of English, Americans, but also Belgians, Germans, or Swiss. In all cases, the foreign customers is critical on the long-term. Our small hope is to see the Europeans coming by car this summer. Whatever happens, the year 2020 will be a catastrophic year, even if it is assumed that there will be a small season in July, August and September. We will not be able to catch up on eight months of activity in three months. However, challenges that other actors in the hospitality industry. Today, this is not money that is lacking, it is the freedom to come and go. After three months of flat calm, we feel even a boom of activity on the gift boxes for fifteen days. To date, 83 000 boxes are ready to be spent in our network.

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Where are the reservations for the Relais & Châteaux ? Have you noticed any changes in the holidays that people book this year ?

For the moment, the level of bookings is still very much below what we know usually, about half less. But the institutions that have re-feel a call to air. The urge is there. It was enough that the uncertainties related to the movement of people in France to be lifted. Those who book, we can see two trends : on the one hand, less roaming, since the stays are longer -from four to six days, compared to two nights usually – and on the other hand, a strong demand for a form of hospitality-a more intimate and private, especially for villas with hotel services.

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