Some wines draws more attention than the other, it was proven when the family behind one of Italy’s greatest wines was in Denmark to present Sassicaia and a number of the house’s other wines.

Someone call Sassicaia Italy’s answer to Latour, and it was also the first wine in Italy that received 100 points by Robert Parker. Before that he had the wine obtained 3 glasses in the Gambero Rosso no fewer than 21 times, so the expectations are always big when this wine comes to the table. the

the Story started when the founder Mario Incisa della Rochetta began in the 1940’s to plant Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in Bordeaux famous 1. Cru wines as a role model, since he believed that the soil at Tenuta San Guido had many common features with the soil in Bordeaux. Mario was also the first in Tuscany that used the new French egefade, which was pioneered in Italy. In 1968, the wine was released under the name Sassicaia, which, in the local tuscan dialect means sand and gravelly soil. Today headed to the vineyard so of Niccolò Incisa della Rochetta, who also has created two new wines: Le Difese in 2002 and Guidalberto in 2000. And in 2013 got the site its own DOC, Bolgheri Sassicaia. Incidentally, the only estate in Italy has its own DOC. the

But the wine is not everything for the family. In addition to well over 100 hectares with wine, owns one of 2,500 acres total. Here operated a major agriculture, hunting areas and more horses breeding with almost 100 horses.

in Addition, the family is also involved in a recent project in Sardinia, as well as a project in southern Patagonia in Argentina, in addition, in cooperation with the Danish winemaker Hans Vinding-Diers.

Sassicaia is a big wine and it turned tasting also, but you must look good in relation to the vintages, there is a great variation. Perhaps not so surprising since the wine is based on primarily cabernet sauvignon, and the climate can be a tease out on the west coast in Tooscana. Le Difese is the entry level wine and in general I think the drawers. Is a nice little wine, but should cost half. However, I think the Guidalberto in good vintages clearly shows a potential and can be a good solid purchase.

. Price. 130 kr. the piece at the purchase of 12 Kalebet pieces. 4 stars

70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Sangiovese, stored for 12 months in French and american egefade. The wine is made of grapes from the young vines of Sassicaia and Guidalberto. Lots of red berries in the aroma. Very fruity and straight-forward. Dominated by red cherry. Slightly tanninbid but nicely balanced. 88

. Price. 120 kr. the piece at the purchase of 12 pieces. 4 stars

Lots of red berries in the aroma. A little rough in the expression, with black currants, red cherries, spices in the taste. Neat finish. Should be a few years. 87

Price. 230 kr. the piece at the purchase of 12 pieces. 5 stars

45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot and 10% Sangiovese, stored 18 months in French and american egefade. The wine is made on the self-employed in vineyards. A full-bodied wine with lots of cherry in the aroma continues in the taste with blackberries, violets, licorice and coffee. Still a bit of dry tannin but a wine with a great potential. Nice freshness. 91

Price. 240 kr. the piece at the purchase of 12 pieces. 5 stars

full-Bodied, something dish in the scent of toast. Black cherry, licorice, pepper and vanilla in the taste. Nicely balanced with a spicy finish. 90

. Price. 1500 kr. the piece at the purchase of 12 pieces. 6 stars

85% Cabernet Sauvigon and 15% Cabernet Franc, stored 24 months in French egefade (1/3 new). More full-bodied, classically in the term. Black currants, blackberries, dark spices, tobacco and vanilla. Nice depth and lots of potential. Still a bit of tannin and should be saved for some years. Nice conclusion. 96

. Price. 1300 kr. the piece at the purchase of 12 pieces. 5 stars

Lots of black cherry in the aroma. Nicely balanced with nice depth and complexity in taste. Reasonable ease and elegance. Slightly urtet, but the garments in this case the wine. Neat finish. 92

. Sold out. 5 stars

Nice freshness with a certain coolness. Mint, solbærblade and tobacco in the taste. Nice intensity. Superbly balanced with a long finish. 93

. Price. 5000 kr. the piece at the purchase of 12 pieces. 6 stars

the Fresh notes in the nose, especially with mint and licorice. In the taste of blackcurrant, coffee, mint and spices. Nice balanced and ready now if you are fond of the freshness. One of the best Sassicaia I through the ages have tasted. As a great Bordeaux. 97

Price. 5000 kr. the piece at the purchase of 12 pieces. 5 stars

Mature spongy tones in the nose. In the taste, plenty of black currant, mint, coffee, leather and vanilla. One senses clearly ripe, but still plenty of life. Complex and exciting wine with a long slightly dry aftertaste. More Italian in style than other vintages. 94

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