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Floorball-world CUP is over.

When the championship summed up targeted Channel 5’s commentator Tommy Åström criticism – against the mascot.

– It is only to put it down like this, ” he says.

Sweden was the big favourite in the world CUP final.

But Finland won with 6-3 and thus took his second straight gold.

– Bottomless disappointment. It is not what we planned, ” says manager Michael Hill on Channel 5.

During the medaljceremonin lifted the commentator Tommy Åström until the according to him, the only negative aspect with the championship in the Czech republic: sexism.

”Sexist mannerisms” <p Güvenilir Casino Siteleri class=”_2ZkCB”> When the tv cameras zoomed in, the official mascot, Flooran, came in for sharp criticism from Åström.

– The (mascot) is the only minus. It keeps on and to massage our female reporters down at the sideline a bit so this sexist manner. It is just to put down stuff like this. The Czech organisation has otherwise been spotless. It is not about hockey, but about a different culture with cheerleaders in the stands, something we released in Sweden a long time ago, and that they cut into the female reporters in the picture, completely irrelevant. So there is the minus for. Away with it!, he says in Channel 5’s broadcast.

”Totally unacceptable”

Hanif Hosseini, director of sports on Eurosport and Discovery Networks Sweden, says to Expressen that you should take contact with the organizer now when the championship is over.

– It is absolutely one completely unacceptable behavior and it is extremely sad that they not come anymore, ” he says.