Trafi’s driving licence information service was closed, when the service began to become exceptionally a lot of concerned feedback. Data protection expert said that the concern is not entirely unfounded.A driver’s license. Stock Tom Vuokola

trafi temporarily closed the license service has aroused the concern of Finnish. Trafi’s services was able to name and place of residence to pick up people full name, residence and driver’s license validity. The information can be inferred, for example, people age, because many people get a driver’s license at age 18.

data protection-an expert in the field Perttu Marttila SoulCore oy said that although the information was according to the law the public, it may be asked, is it necessary that the official information is given to all of the searchable internet.

– Although it is a public administrative register, the authorities should be careful that in what way this information will be published. Although the information is public, whether it is still appropriate that each person can anonymously visit this information online to ask questions.

Marttila raise, for example, tax administration, tax registry, where information can only be obtained in the tax Mavibet office by visiting. Earlier trafi’s driving licence data is received by telephone, email or online ordering.

identity theft risk can increase

Marttila said that, for example, identity theft risk increases if the network is up for grabs in plenty of people’s personal data.

– Person first name, last name, date of birth and address is already reasonably easy to occur this people. This, that information is shared openly and anonymously, to ease the data misuse.

Marttila said that, for example, already people date of birth, place of residence and street address can also be used for security issues, which can be authenticated by phone to various services.

Trafi: legal services

Trafi has closed the service so far, due to concerned feedback will matter a lot. Trafi division director Janne Huhtamäki said that the service opened, when people’s concerns have been reviewed.

– Everyone has the right to obtain information a person’s driving rights and its extent. Our baseline view is that the service is compliant with the law.

Huhtamäki said that the Finnish public law and the law, it is appropriate that anyone can seeking information.

– Is the Finnish government transparency and openness principle one of the elements that public information can ask anyone, and the authority may not require the asker to authenticate.

Huhtamäki said that the digital world, the debate is sensible, but trafi’s service complies with current law.