In Berlin, is to be produced, however, a crisis in housing for gay and transgender victims of forced marriage and family violence. A tender of the Senate, published for the justice and anti-discrimination on Wednesday.

expert advice for the concerns of lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender and inter-sex people would notice for years, “consistently”, that each year up to ten queer people turn to you because they fear a forced marriage, or because they are affected by violence in the family environment because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, stated in the invitation to tender text, available to the daily mirror.

First of all, Berlin had not gotten the funds together

The project had Red announced the Red-Green already in the coalition agreement. So far, the Senate had not get the necessary funds together. The arbeiterwohlfahrt (Awo) had rented, in cooperation with the LSVD is already a crisis in the apartment – no easy task in view of the overheated Berlin’s rental market. However, in the country budget for 2018/19 the costs were not set initially, the lottery funding turned down a funding application, so that the crisis apartment already.

Now want to ask the Senator for justice, Dirk Behrendt (Green) this year, however, 100,000 euros for the project, it should also be beyond 2019. The application is open to all interested in social media.

In the new call, it means that the victims would usually leave their families, home and their social connections – so about work or study – in order to effectively protect. The Senate strut, therefore, the establishment of an anonymous crisis apartment with up to five seats. There, the victim should be taken care of psycho-logical and social educators.

Known for the case of Nasser, El-A. Berlin

what are the needs of those suffering from, made it clear a few years ago, the fate of the young Berliner’s Nasser El-A.. He had already outed himself with 15 as gay, what him and his family with a woman to marry, forced wanted. His father threatened even to kill him. Nasser ran away from home – but knew where to, because the crisis centres are all geared towards girls. The case was also therefore known to the public, because Nasser finally brought his family to court. Later, the Grips-Theater to handle his story.

in fact Concerned would be put so far in the absence of start-up “as an expedient, as a private individual and friendly people”, – stated in the invitation to tender – what was for all Involved a high level of risk.

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