Hundreds of demonstrators protesting on Sunday against a plan for a controversial new chinese sikkerhedslov for Hong kong.

Protesters have gathered in the shopping area of Causeway Bay.

Meanwhile, guards the police office of China’s representation in Hong kong, and stops people on the street to examine them.

at the same time, warned protesters against the assembly, more than eight people. It is the upper limit under the territory coronarestriktioner.

– It is the beginning of the end, and time is really running out for Hong kong, and it is our justification. Even during the Covid-19, explains activist Joshua Wong on demonstrationens purpose.

– We will still need to use our strength to demonstrate.

The government has tried to reassure the public and foreign investors, after the news about the plans for a sikkerhedslov com.

Financial markets have reacted negatively. At the same time, foreign governments and political bigots condemned the plans.

China will according to the draft sikkerhedsloven give themselves the power to make laws for Hong kong in relation to preventing and punishing terrorism, løsrivelsesforsøg and interference from foreign powers.

In the late summer and autumn of last year, major pro-democracy demonstrations against the chinese regime. It came many times into violent clashes.